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Do you remember when Haringey introduced some 20mph speed limits on side roads. All the evidence they produced back then suggested that a slightly lower speed limit made a huge difference to the amount of damage caused by accidents. I don't know if this is because impacts are slower, so less harmful, or if it means motorists and other road users  have more time to react so there are fewer impacts. Either way the stats are compelling. During the consultation on that I made the point that it should apply to main roads as well as side roads - more miles of road covered would mean more deaths and injuries avoided. And if the rules were universal the amount of street furniture at entrances and exits to the different zones would be greatly reduced, and perhaps we wouldn't need so many suspension damaging sleeping policemen. There is evidence that children cannot cope with cars moving at 30mph (see the RHUL study)

Well, it turns out that Haringey's Overview and Scrutiny Committee agree with me and have proposed that a borough wide consultation be undertaken on the question. Haringey says No (see page 52).

The Lib Dems say this is not common sense or possibly "daft"

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