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Crouch End Cupcake has achieved at least 15 minutes of fame with her anti-dog fouling campaign in Crouch End.

Listed below are just a few of the references

A radio interview on BBC Radio London with Vanessa Feltz

The Daily Mail


The Coming Crisis







Hornsey Journal



and some dog poo cupcakes

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Dear Fabulous Cupcake Crusader,

I listened to you interview on Radio London on Friday and for the first time ever I had to ring Vanessa and add my piece. How brilliant your campaign is! I have lost count the amount of times I've contacted my local Council (Croydon) to moan about the amount of dog poo on our pavements. Like you, I have two young children and i'm completely tired of scraping poo off pushchair wheels, scooters and shoes. I'm an ICU nurse so i'm well aware of the health risks posed by dog poo and i'm terrified that one day one of my boys is going to fall in some. The councils response? "ooooo, it's not very nice is it dear? I'll have a word with someone........" Grrrrr!!!!  I'm wondering if you're planning any big campaigns? I'd LOVE to get involved!! Also, on the "criminal damage" front; surely to allow your dog to poo on public property  is a bigger offence? A chalk cupcake, to the best of my knowledge does not transmit infection....... Well done! People all over London are right behind you!!!  Best wishes, Alice               offence?  

Thanks so much Alice for your support.  You've just hit the nail on the head though - I'm not just shouting about this because it's not very pleasant, it's because it poses a real and present danger to public health.  Before having children I was fairly blase to the risks but now I really worry when my four year old runs round in the park and goes in the tall grass or anywhere off the actual climbing frame areas.  I'll certainly keep you informed of campaigns where you can get involved.  I'm planning a Cakewalk Procession in Crouch End which will be huge fun and will have a pitch at our YMCA Fun Run and Festival so it would be great to get you along.  I will also look at something that reaches further a field, once these have taken shape! Thank you again, your support means everything.

Regarding the local council though, I have it on strict authority from one of our own councillors that you are permitted and positively encouraged to phone the council each and every time you see dog waste on the pavement.  They are obliged to come and clear it away.


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