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Did you know Crouch End has a Wikipedia page. It's got the Bob Dylan "Is Dave in?" story and the Stephen King visit on it. And of course you do know that you can make changes to it. If you're tired of Facebook you could add a recommendation for your favourite nailbar. 

I've just removed the reference to the "Crouch End Project" which seems to be massively defunct.

And Dubmill has removed the reference to "London's Creative Village" simply because he thinks it's not. Dubmill's contributions have given rise to a dyslexic set of non sequiturs on Facebook which is really quite surprisingly present on Facebook

You can see the changes if you wish. Joe90 was up till the small hours today beavering away on apostrophes and stuff.


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Had a visit. It's as hopeless as last time I looked  - so I guess I'm happy to see people having a go. Especially since I can't be arsed myself, it's potentially an endless task...


  • CE is nowhere near Watling Street (that's the A5), we're on a different early medieval route.
  • HTH is grade II* listed, not grade II
  • There may have being 7 rail stations "in the area", but only one of them was anywhere near CE (it makes us sound like Clapham Junction)
  • CE became the centre and most important settlement of Hornsey Borough between the 1890s and WWII, this is the key era, hence the siting of HTH etc.
  • Where is "Crouch Hill Park"??
  • Didn't BBC shoot "The Hour" at HTH rather than "Hours"?
  • FEC are not converting the building into flats. It's a hotel.
  • The bit on the old Opera House should probably mention that it was completely demolished.
  • The Crouch End Festival was revived rather than founded in 2012 - is the Edinburgh Festival reference meant to raise a laugh?

I've put in a correction pointing out that Watling Street was further to the west.

The ding dong seems to have surfaced on social media https://twitter.com/cazroz/status/1027676679920074752

I thought this effort was poor. Perhaps in a telephone box vandalism needs to be unsubtle and in your face. But in an encyclopedia it should be rather the opposite. Subtly but importantly incorrect and couched in terms that will delight the pedant. That's how I do my vandalism on Wikipedia.

The perpetrator of this rather poor effort styles itself Gavin Bungay and boasted of the effort in the Not The Crouch End Appreciation Society. For a while I was very pleased with my membership of the NTCEAS as an escape mechanism from the other CE Facebook pages, which are populated mainly by a smug self satisfied crew of the self congratulatory sailing implacably along on a sea of complacency. But now I need a new lifeboat. 

Though, in a glimpse perhaps of rescue I like the way this question was dealt with.

I've always felt egalitarianism was a bit passive aggressive. 


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