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Crouch End - the right place - in almost the right place - hurrah

Last August I published this item about Google Maps and Crouch End. All a bitfrustrating to find we did and we din't have enough information and CE still to be located up at the Victoria Stakes.

The frustration though is reducing somewhat. The map now looks like this on the left, which is a big improvement over what it was (on the right).

 I wonder if I have the energy to get Crouch End moved a little to the East and Stroud Green a little to the South?

MapFeedback@teleatlas.com 21 Feb (3 days ago)
Reference ID: c274869f-bbfa-102e-9c32-4a5ef9c5f062 Thank you for contacting T...
MapFeedback@teleatlas.com MapFeedback@teleatlas.com via yahoo.com 
21 Feb (3 days ago)
to opinion8

Reference ID: 66dd57a0-bca8-102e-9c32-4a5ef9c5f062

Thank you for contacting Tele Atlas. Based on a review of your report, we can now confirm that the change you suggested has been made. It will go out in the next release of our map database. This report is now closed.

Tele Atlas supplies maps to the companies that make devices or applications, not directly to the people who use them. We update the map we supply so these companies can incorporate the map update in their own systems. When this process is complete, your change will be made available to you. It may be possible to purchase an updated map; please contact your device manufacturer or application provider for further information.

Thanks again for your willingness to help keep Tele Atlas maps up-to-date and accurate!

Please do not reply as this is an automated email.

The Tele Atlas Map Insight Support Team

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