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The centre of Crouch End is not looking at its best just now. You can see in the pictures below:

1) the contractors doing the traffic light upgrade are using Weston Park as an annexe to their equipment depot

2) there are big banners hanging off the railings - the blank side is particularly unattractive, and banners are, I understand, frowned upon by the council

3) Veolia are stacking up their violet bags

4) the flower tubs are still going but could with a bit of replanting

5) You can see in the insert a couple of the barriers around the traffic light holes, and as though in a deliberate pastiche, a bloke in a hard hat leaning on it , chatting on his phone

The mandatory sign with the appropriate permissions on is present and suggests the traffic light work might not finish until 8th Mayand I'm not entirely sure about the rather rustic notice board strapped to the railings outside Budgens'

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