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Dear Adrian ,

In our first email update since the Prime Minister's announcement on Sunday, this weeks newsletter also includes a summary of what this means for Haringey residents:
  1. Thank you Haringey
  2. Updated Government advice on the COVID-19 lockdown
    1. Working safely
    2. Using public transport
    3. Wearing face coverings
    4. Leisure and sport
    5. Meeting up with people
  3. Haringey Response Update
    1. Pavement widening being added to more high streets & further suggestions invited
    2. Update on business grant payments, inc info for those that aren't the business rate payer
    3. Lib Dems continue to press for improved walking and cycling infrastructure
    4. Reuse and Recycling Centres (RRCs) now open - booking required
    5. Local Food Banks still require urgent donations
    6. Volunteering opportunities for local residents
    7. Telephone befriending service
  4. How you can contact us
  5. London & National Response Update
    1. Support for London's creative industries during COVID-19
    2. Extended hours on construction sites
    3. Furlough scheme extended for 4 months
    4. Congestion and ULEZ charges to recommence from Monday (18th May)
    5. The property market released from lockdown
    6. UCL Alzheimer's Study


We have been inspired by so many people across Haringey for all they have done during the COVID-19 pandemic. The community spirit has been incredible. As lockdown rules start to change, we wanted to take this opportunity to say a big thank you from our Haringey Lib Dem councillors. Click below to watch the video:



The government has now set out its road map for gradually lifting the Covid-19 lock down (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/our-plan-to-rebuild-the-...).  A small number of restrictions have been eased since Wednesday which we have summarised below.  

However the lockdown is not over and social distancing rules remain in place, including staying at least 2 metres apart from people from outside your household.

In Haringey we must continue to look out for our communities and protect the NHS, in order to ensure we do not suffer a second spike of coronavirus.

And the advice still remains that anyone who has symptoms, or lives with someone who has symptoms, should stay at home.

2.1 Working Safely

It is still very important that people stay home and work from home if they are able to. Sectors of the economy that are allowed to be open should be open, for example this includes food production, construction, manufacturing, logistics, distribution and scientific research in laboratories. Childminders, nannies and cleaners are also permitted to return to work.

Guidance has now been published to help employers, employees and the self-employed understand how to work safely during the coronavirus pandemic in specific workplaces: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/working-safely-during-coronavirus-covid-19
A large number of businesses and venues must still stay closed to the public by law. This includes hairdressers, nail bars, clothes shops, restaurants and more. See the full list of businesses that must stay closed: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/further-businesses-and-p...

2.2 Using public transport

The message about public transport in London stays the same - only travel if it is absolutely essential. 

The Government is also instructing the public to walk or cycle instead of using public transport if they can for all journeys including commuting. If you cannot walk or cycle and have to drive, please avoid peak times and stick to speed limits and traffic laws.

Many Haringey workers that cannot work from home will not be able to walk, cycle or drive to work for a variety of reasons, so if you must travel by public transport, you may want to consider staggering your journey start and end time to avoid crowded buses, trains, stations and stops - the current peak times are between 05:45-07:30 and 16:00-17.30.

The Government has provided new guidance for safer travel and safer transport operations which you can read here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-guidance-published-to-ensure....

And the advice is to wear a face covering when taking public transport: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/how-to-wear-and-make-a-c...

2.3 Wearing face coverings

People should “aim” to wear a face covering in enclosed spaces where social distancing is not always possible e.g. shops.

The Government has provided guidance on how to make and wear a face covering https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/how-to-wear-and-make-a-c...

2.4 Leisure and sport

People may leave their homes more than once per day and use parks for recreational activities such as sun bathing and sport (within household groups), while complying with social distancing measures. It is now possible to travel any distance for leisure activities.

Golf, tennis, angling and basketball are among the sports that are allowed to resume and their governing bodies are working through how the sport can be played safely. So far only the Lawn Tennis Association have published guidance https://www.lta.org.uk/about-us/tennis-news/news-and-opinion/genera....

We advise that you check on the venue websites for details about opening and check governing body websites for any updates.

Council sports courts, outdoor gyms and play areas remain closed whilst Haringey work through the new government guidance to ensure any reopenings happen safely.

2.5 Meeting up with people

It is now permissible to meet up with one person from another household at a time, as long as you stay 2 meters apart. The government has increased the fine for transgressing social distancing rules from £50 to £100.


On the 17th April we launched a fundraising appeal for Haringey Giving, a fund managed by people in the Haringey community and endorsed by Haringey Council, which is supporting the borough’s most vulnerable people and community initiatives in response to the Covid-19 crisis.

Within just 10 days we smashed our initial fundraising target of £1,500 thanks to the incredibly generous support of people like you.
We are therefore boldly increasing our target to £5,000. If you haven’t yet donated or are able to donate again please do so here: https://www.haringeygiving.org.uk/Fundraisers/haringeylibdems

So far Haringey Giving have raised over £103,000 for 23 different projects and are also looking to raise more money through business and corporate sponsors.

Click here to donate whatever you can to our fundraiser appeal


3.1 Pavement widening being added to more high streets & further suggestions invited

Last week we confirmed that pavement widening measures were coming to Crouch End Broadway, Muswell Hill Broadway, Fortis Green, Highgate High Street, Lordship Lane and Turnpike Lane in a second tranche of work following similar measures on Hornsey High Street, amongst others.

The full list of locations is as follows, and many of these measures have already been implemented:
  1. Crouch End
    1. Outside M&S
    2. Outside Waitrose / Crouch Hall Road
    3. Outside the Post Office
  2. Highgate
    1. Outside Tesco Express, Highgate High Street
  3. Lordship Lane
    1. Outside Tesco Express, 646 Lordship Lane
  4. Muswell Hill
    1. Outside M&S / LLoyds Bank
    2. Outside Greens of Highgate
    3. Outside The Hampstead Butcher / HSBC
    4. Outside Waitrose / Post Office / Poundland
  5. Turnpike Lane
    1. Outside the Post Office
These measures have been introduced in areas where queueing outside shops meant that social distancing was problematic given existing pavement widths.

Haringey Council were also wanting to introduce the same measures outside Tesco Express / Greggs on Crouch End Broadway, but had been unable to do so as TfL have indicated that this would have too great an impact on the bus network.

Additional measures have also been brought in for the Finsbury Park entrance at Endymion Road for those entering and exiting Finsbury park.

If you have any suggestions for other areas that may benefit from pavements being widened by extension into parking bays to aid social distancing please email our transport spokesperson Cllr Luke Cawley-Harrison (luke.cawley-harrison@haringey.gov.uk) with your suggestion so we can submit these to the council.

3.2 Update on business grant payments, inc info for those that aren't the business rate payer

Paying existing business grant payments

We remain very concerned about the level of business support grants that Haringey Council have paid to businesses in the borough. Last week it was reported that Haringey has the worst performance in London for paying the grants.

Last week we held urgent talks with Haringey Council over the grant payment process, which has led to a large number of grants finally getting paid, however a significant number remain outstanding with little or no communication being provided by the council to desperate business owners.

We have helped a significant number of businesses across the borough to receive their payments from the council so please get in touch with our Business Spokesperson, Cllr Paul Dennison at paul.dennison@haringey.gov.uk if you are a business having trouble with accessing you grant payment.

You can also request an update on the status of your grant by emailing the council's business grants team at COVIDsmallbusinessgrant@haringey.gov.uk. We have had a huge number of business report that emails to this address have gone unanswered - if that has happened for you we also want to know.

We have called for the Cabinet Member to make an unreserved apology to every enterprise which has suffered delays in grant payments, and have called for an independent review into why the delivery of the grant payments process has lagged so badly - to commence as soon as internal council business returns to normal (more info on that here).

28% of eligible business have yet to receive their grant - are you one?

There are still businesses out there eligible for grants that the council has been unable to get in contact with or they still need supporting information from. If you are one of the 28% of businesses who haven’t received their grant funding yet, please contact the council at COVIDsmallbusinessgrant@haringey.gov.uk, or if you have not filled in the grant application form do so here.

Applying for a grant when you are not the person currently registered for business rates

If you are not the person currently registered for business rates but have been operating in a rateable premises since 11 March 2020, the council have to make you liable for business rates before they can pay you any grant.

You will need to fill in the Business Grants Form and also complete an Occupation Form. To download the forms and for more information on the requirements visit: https://www.haringey.gov.uk/news-and-events/haringey-coronavirus-co...

3.3 Lib Dems continue to press for improved walking and cycling infrastructure
It is anticipated that even when bus and tube services are back running at full capacity, due to social distancing measures that will be enforced on services, they will only be able to carry 13-15% of the usual passenger numbers.

It is therefore crucial that commuters and other public transport users are able to find safe alternative methods of transport, such as walking and cycling. Whilst car use is being recommended by the government ahead of public transport use, this will increase congestion on our roads leading to even greater levels of pollution and greater dangers from vehicles to pedestrians and other road users.

We are pushing Haringey Council to urgently roll out temporary pop-up cycle lanes in line with new government legislation to create new safe cycle routes, and to add temporary filters to roads that experience rat-running so that vehicles can drive to, not through, residential roads where cars are a danger.

Our transport spokesperson Cllr Luke Cawley-Harrison has written to the Cabinet Member, Cllr Hearn, setting out a nine-point plan for what is required to implement these emergency measures, including school streets and reducing any remaining 30mph roads down to 20mph (view here). Cllr Cawley-Harrison has also identified and suggested 5 key routes to Haringey Council based on walking, cycling and traffic data, that require rapid infrastructure improvements to prevent them being clogged with cars due to the reduction in public transport availability. These are:
  1. Alexandra Palace Way > Park Road > Crouch End Broadway > Crouch End Hill &
    Tottenham Lane > Crouch End Broadway > Crouch End Hill
  2. Wightman Road
  3. Green Lanes
  4. Tottenham High Road
  5. Seven Sisters Road
If you support these measures, or have recommendations for additional roads you would like to see filtered or routes or stretches of roads that would benefit from pop-up cycle lanes or segregation for existing cycling infrastructure to aid social distancing and improve safety during the pandemic, please email: luke.cawley-harrison@haringey.gov.uk

3.4 Reuse and Recycling Centres (RRCs) now opening - booking required

Last week we confirmed that North London recycling centres would shortly be reopening. This has now happened, and the centres are now accepting waste from those at risk of harm from waste stored at home (no details on what this constitutes though).

Opening times vary but for Western Road, Haringey, it will be open seven days a week, 10am to 6pm.

Booking is required and access will be prevented if you haven't done so. Booking can be made online here: https://vello.fi/londonenergy/

Every site will have restrictions in place. This is to ensure the safety of site staff and visitors and to meet social distancing requirements. The conditions of entry for all sites are below:
  • Visitors will need a valid booking before they leave home, or entry will be refused
  • A limited number of cars will be allowed on site at one time
  • Vans, trailers and pick-up trucks will not be allowed to enter - there is no pedestrian access to RRC sites
  • Only one person should leave the car (unless you have a Blue Badge) while on site
  • Visitors should keep 2m from other people when on site - site staff will not be available to help with unloading – please make sure you can carry your items by yourself
  • Please treat staff with respect and follow staff instructions at all times
  • Only household waste (including small electrical appliances) and garden waste that can’t be stored safely at home will be accepted
  • Check the latest information for the site you want to visit before you leave home
Visitors will only be accepted by car (no pedestrians/cyclists).
Answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions available here: http://wiseuptowaste.org.uk/recycle/information-on-reuse-and-recycl...

3.5 Local Food Banks still require urgent donations

Food banks continue to support residents across the borough and are seeing supplies running desperately low. If you are able to support them please consider doing so.

Muswell Hill Foodbank (The Trussell Trust)
  1. If you need food
    • The Muswell Hill Foodbank on Pembroke Road is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. You will need to get a  voucher from one of the Referral Agencies (Citizens Advice, Social Services, Job Centres, some schools and doctors surgeries and other local charities) before going to the foodbank. Strict social distancing is in place to ensure the safety of clients and volunteers.
  2. The foodbank urgently needs donations

The Holy Trinity Food Bank Stroud Green If you would like to make a monetary donation please email: htfoodbank@gmail.com and for more information visit: http://www.holytrinityfoodbank.org.uk/

The Gospel Centre Food Bank corner of Raleigh Road / Wightman Road, N8 OLT
  • Open Tuesday 6.30-8.30pm or Sunday 11.30-1pm.
  • Requires donations of non perishable food
  • Supporting those in need, especially from N8, N4 and N22 – no referral required
Enquiries to gospelcfoodbank@gmail.com

Other Local Foodbanks
3.6 Volunteering opportunities for local residents

Our voluntary organisations are working under huge pressure and looking for more help from the community:
3.7 Telephone befriending service

Staying at home can be lonely and it can be difficult to connect socially. As the lockdown continues this become ever more difficult for some of our residents.

Haringey Reach and Connect offer free calls to people in Haringey who would like to receive regular weekly calls from a friendly and supportive volunteer. The calls last approximately 30 minutes, and take place on the same day, at the same time, each week.  

They match older people and volunteers carefully, to ensure they have some common interests and friendships are reviewed regularly, to ensure that both parties find them enjoyable.  

If you would be interested in becoming or having a telephone befriender, please contact Reach and Connect who are running a special expanded service to respond to COVID-19, using this link: https://reachandconnect.net/get-support/telephone-friendship
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If you have any questions about COVID-19 or need to get in touch for support on any other issue, please email crouch.end@haringeylibdems.org

Whilst our in-person councillor surgeries have been cancelled in line with government guidance, we are still operating telephone surgeries at the times listed in the image, and you can continue to reach us by email. Please click the image for more information.


5.1 Support for London’s creative industries during COVID-19  

The Mayor of London has allocated £2.3m towards a Culture at Risk Business Support Fund for London’s creative and cultural industries at risk due to the impact of the coronavirus. Funding includes support to creative workspaces via the Creative Land Trust (https://www.creativelandtrust.org/covid-19-grant-fund Land Trust | ...) or to National Portfolio Organisations (NPOs) and Creative People and Places (CPPs) lead organisations via the Arts Council (https://www.artscouncil.org.uk/funding/financial-support-npos-and-l...).

Deadlines are on the 20th and 19th of May respectively.
You can also register with the 'Culture at Risk' office and access more resources here: Culture at Risk.

Among the resources available are free 6 months membership for the Creative Industries Federation to keep you updated, provide advice and sources for financial assistance.

5.2 Extended hours on construction sites

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick announced on Wednesday that construction sites can continue to operate until at least 9pm in order to keep building during the coronavirus pandemic. Some sites could be allowed to switch to 24 hour working. He has instructed local authorities to permit requests to extend site opening hours – usually controlled by planning permissions – unless there are “very compelling reasons” to reject them. We know this will be of great concern to our residents who are locked down at home, many of whom are already having to cope with noise from nearby building sites. Following this announcement we expect even more residents to be affected as more building sites restart work.

We have already raised our concerns with Haringey Council, who are working through the guidance to understand the implications for Haringey, and we will keep you updated.

5.3 Furlough scheme extended for 4 months

The Chancellor announced this week that employees will continue to receive 80% of their monthly wages up to £2,500 until the end of October. The scheme will continue for all sectors and regions of the country but with greater flexibility to support the transition back to work. From August 1 employers currently using the scheme will be able to bring furloughed employees back part-time and will be asked to start sharing the cost of the scheme. More information available here.

5.4 Congestion and ULEZ charges to recommence from Monday (18th May)

The congestion charge and ULEZ charge, which were both suspended on March 23 as part of the lockdown to make it easier for key workers to get to work safely, will be re-introduced on Monday (18th May).

The congestion charge will also increase from £11.50 to £15 – a 30% hike – from June 22 and be enforced seven days a week, rather than just on weekdays at present. Its operating hours will be temporarily extended in the evening from 6pm to 10pm. The charge will continue to be levied from 7am.

A reimbursement scheme that was already in place for NHS staff will be extended to care home workers.

Free travel for 1.5 million London schoolchildren will be also be temporarily suspended, and free travel for Freedom Pass holders will be suspended during the morning and evening rush hours to try to prevent higher risk adults from travelling on public transport at its busiest times. Disabled passengers will not lose their free travel passes.

The changes are among the conditions imposed on mayor Sadiq Khan and Transport for London in return for the £1.6 billion bail-out agreed last night. Tube and bus fares will also rise above inflation from January.

5.5 The property market released from lockdown

The government has amended the regulations so that people who wish to move home can do so. Estate agents can now open, viewings can be carried out and removal firms and conveyancers can restart operations.

This guidance (https://www.gov.uk/guidance/government-advice-on-home-moving-during...) provides important public health information to ensure that buying, selling and moving is done safely.
5.6 UCL Alzheimer's Study

At this time when services are at a minimum, those carers that the UCL study have connected with and who have received interventions (6-8 support sessions) have valued the support. Sessions are available for family carers and people living with dementia who sign up to UCL’s dementia study. For further details please email dop.nidas@ucl.ac.uk
Have lockdown changes affected things locally? Let us know.

Have any of the changes announced on Sunday impacted Crouch End? Has rat-running increased, or is there a new problem area for social distancing? Or perhaps the number of potholes in your road has increased, or a new fly-tipping hotspot has been created during the lockdown?

Please let us know of any issues you want us to look into an help remedy by emailing crouch.end@haringeylibdems.org and we will do our best to help.
Yours faithfully,
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Cllr Dawn Barnes, Cllr Luke Cawley-Harrison & Cllr Tammy Palmer
Liberal Democrat Councillors for Crouch End Ward
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