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Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum to apply for @Haringey recognition

This is the latest mailshot from the Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum, which is on the very brink of applying to the London Borough of Haringey for official recognition under the Localism.

Do help out if you can be being a signatory or affiliating your local Residents' Association / Neighbourhood Watch / Lunch Club / Special Interest Group.

The members of the steering group are currently working on a series of documents to submit to Haringey in order for us to be recognised as a Neighbourhood Forum.To lend your weight to the application you can be one of its signatories by emailing us at crouchendforum@gmail.com with your name and address. Don’t worry, this doesn’t involve any further commitment other than an expression of support for our efforts to be recognised. But if you do want to get more involved in writing the plan, we’d love to hear from you!The two main documents we will be producing are:1) a definition of Crouch End2) a statement setting out the ways in which we satisfy the statutory criteriaOur target date for submission is 28th August.
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A Definition of Crouch End - in order to be accepted as a Neighbourhood Forum we must draw a line round what we believe is Crouch End, and then persuade Haringey that we have got it right. The blue line on this map shows where we are drawing the line at present. For a bigger version click here.
This map has some natural boundaries and some more difficult to define.
We started off by having a guess at where the lines might be drawn. Existing boundaries with the Highgate and Crouch Hill Forums, and with Islington gave a good start. Then we started refining. We asked, on-line and at our Couch End Festival stall, where people think that they live and plotted this by post code. A postgraduate researcher used data from the internet to help us.
Residents and users of some important landmarks have told us yes or no - the residents of Chettle Court say they are in Crouch End, as do the governors of Hornsey School for Girls, but the Friends of Priory Park have done a lot of work with the residents and councillors of Hornsey and want to remain outside Crouch End. number of walkaboutsasking "Is this Crouch End?" added to our data, and the blue line on the map is our current view of the boundary.
No matter how long we continue this process we will always find questions over exactly where the border will be - luckily this can be addressed in the future - for example just because Priory Park is not in our Area does not mean we cannot argue on its behalf should the need arise. If you find yourself outside the Area, but use Crouch End as your local shopping/cultural centre/work place, you and your opinion are still welcome at our meetings. Drawing the line satisfies a legal requirement, it does not create a barrier.
If you are a member of a local community or religious group or can represent a local business, do get in touch with us about joining the Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum as an affiliate organisation. We’re really happy to come and talk to your group about what we’re doing, how we can support you and how to get involved. We're on the look out for people who love Crouch End to lend a hand with the CENF. If you're interested, get in touch with us at crouchendforum@gmail.com.Please do pass this on to anyone you know who might be interested, and we look forward to hearing from you!If you have not already, please fill in our online questionnaire.All the best,
Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum

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