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A recent email to Cllr Ahmet  Chair of Haringey's planning committee has achieved its goal - there will be a Development Management Forum to discuss the proposals at 161 Tottenham Lane. Cllr Ahmet's email is below, and a response from a neighbour to the site

Dear all, thank you for your email. The planning application will be coming to committee. There is no date for it yet, but I will ask officers to liaise with you re this.


It is not usual practice to hold a DM forum for a scheme of this size, but due to the strength of feeling on this I have asked officers to arrange for one.


I hope this answers your questions. Please do let me know if there is anything else I can assist with.






Peray Ahmet

Councillor Noel Park Ward (Labour)

Chair Regulatory and Planning Sub Committee

River Park House

225 High Road

Wood Green

N22 8HQ



Congratulations on getting this response! This is excellent news. You've raised the profile, thank goodness.
For one thing, at last we'll be able to talk to the developers directly and see if we can't get them to see some sense, and propose something reasonable instead of this mad overdevelopment, good only for the site owner to make loadsamoney.  
In reality probably the only way we will 'get them to see sense' is if they believe their application will be refused unless they do propose something sensible. This means getting lots of people to the Development Forum, so we need to publicise it widely once we know the date. Sometimes in previous cases, the Development Forum has been poorly communicated by the Planning people, the date given at short notice, the location changed and / or hard to access, so we need to make sure we're clear, well in advance, on date, time, location, access, then communicate well. 
Please will you liaise with Valerie to find out these things and let us know?
Kind regards

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