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There is a planning application currently under consideration for the row of shops/flats at 11 Park Road, the arcade bounded by (but not including) Bishop's at one end and Banners at the other.

The proposal is to add another storey to the building. Presumably this greatly increases the rental/resale value for the owners,by more than the cost of doing the work. 

This application is a variation on an earlier Park Road planning application which was refused, the difference being that the extra storey has been move from the front of the building, clearly visible from the street, to the back, where it is rather less visible.

The extra height and the change to the skyline features in most of the objections. The architects have produced a drawing which renders the new proposed increase invisible from the street. It will probably get approved. The objectors begin to suffer from fatigue and the plans have changed in response to the original concerns.

The increasing height of Crouch End is a theme.

The building just begun at 159 Tottenham Lane is 5 storeys,much higher than the Arthouse, and the conservation area buildings behind it, as is the approved development of the Old Hornsey Journal building which has doubled in height over most of its length.

There is also a proposal for a 5 storey development to be permitted on the site of what is currently a thriving business park on Lynton Road

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