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The plans for the ice cream parlour to replace Prospero's books have recently been submitted to Haringey for permission. There are some physical changes needed to the premises to accommodate more seating for customers, but probably not too dramatically serious. The big important change is from use class A1 which is a shop, to A3 food and drink. Haringey has a policy for its town centres setting out maximum allowed percentages of A1/non A1 and a separate target for A3. These are quite complex to work out as they take into a ccount primary and secondary frontages, but its perfectly possible that permission will be refused simply on the basis of arithmetic.

This might be considered a shame given OpinioN8's naming suggestions.

I am quite tempted to object based on the inadequacy of the drawings.

This is also quite an interesting approach to business, surely it would have been prudent to seek permission before starting building work.


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Yes, that's not always the way things seem to operate in Crouch End though! 

Didn't Spiazzo have to take down their decking area having put it up without planning permission?  They weren't allowed to seek planning permission retrospectively so had to remove it all.  Which is a shame as it covered up the rather grubby and chewing gum riddled state of the pavement beneath.

There are three planning applications for Spiazzo at the back end of 2009 and 2010  HGY/2009/1123,  HGY/2010/2219 and HGY/2010/2220 relating to decking, its removal or retention all of which are either refused or withdrawn. I think they still don't have permission for the decking. I hope they are paying rent on the space it occupies, to defray the cost of doing up the Town Hall.

They had to remove the decking but are allowed to keep the awnings.  At least that is what I understood.  I thought it was ridiculous at the time but I've been there on several occasions when they've been so blisteringly rude that I wouldn't care if they were told to shut the whole place down. 

I still go back of course but only for coffee as the food I've had is always bad.  Last time I just had a bowl of chips and they were rock hard and inedible - bad potatoes apparently! Which made me wonder why they were using them...

I wasn't allowed to join my friends last year who had saved me a space at an outside table.  I walked passed the queue but the waiter was unbelievably rude and told me I couldn't just push in and had to line up.  I explained I was meeting friends and pointed them out but he said I couldn't sit down before the other people in the queue...I mean how ridiculous is that?!!
Spiazzo are MASSIVELY rude. Told me I couldn't sit by the window when the cafe was virtually empty! And they have no high chairs. I haven't been back since.

There have so far been two responses to the planning application. One is from Spiazzo and objects, very lucidly, that a further A3 (restaurant) use in Crouch End will reduce even further the number of shoppers in the area (see attached) and that therefore the application should be turned down.

The Hornsey [sic] Conservation Area Advisory Committee also objects on the change to A3 and on the same grounds I pointed out, that the drawings are abysmal. See below


Application Reference No. : HGY/2011/0878

Site Address: 32 The Broadway London N8 9SU London

Comments by: Hornsey Conservation Area Advisory Committee

From:c/o Vice Chairman 45Avenue RoadHighgateLondonN6 5DF

Submission: ObjectionComments: The Committee objects to change of use from A1 retail in the heartof the shopping centre.There is already an excess of cafes and banks and take -aways in thisstretch between the two bakers (Dunns & Gails). Also this has been sloppilyprocessed and this should not have been registered. The description ofdevelopment includes changes to shopfront, but on the consultation system itappears to be without drawings of the changes to the shopfront. Thecommittee therefore cannot comment on this vital aspect in respect of thecharacter of the conservation area. The Department should not beentertaining the application without drawings to show all elements describedon the form. This is not the first time this has happened recently.



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