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Got a leaflet through the letterbox recently which I did actually look at (btw I don't eat pizza or indian, I've given up Chinese takeaway and I have the number of a cab company which has yet to let me down (seriously) in my phone, so all leaflets go straight in the recycling). It was for Crouch End House Sitters, a compnay boasting excellent references, and undertaking to stay in for you on those days you have a gasman or a parcel coming and you'd really rather be somewhere else.

This seems like a good idea and one I'd not come across before. I don't know if the business will fly. I have suffered the frustration of a day stuck at home waiting, sometimes for a tradesman who never arrived. How much would I be willing to pay for this service - probably not enough to cover even the minimum wage at present (i'm retired so the service would be an indulgence) but back in the day when I was on a daily rate as a contractor it might have been worth it.

And those references would have to be good for me to hand over my keys (and the burglar alarm code?).

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