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I remember seeing some years ago a weird little film set in a rather strange depiction of Crouch End (white picket fences and children with lobster hands) by Stephen King.  I forget what it was called, possibly just Crouch End but here is a mini-series he's created about our most horrific of neighbourhoods. Nightmares and Dreamscapes 

Crouch End was also the setting for the brilliant comedy horror "Shaun of the Dead" by my hero and once hoped to be husband Simon Pegg.  His comedy series Spaced, with my doppelganger Jessica Hynes, was also set in the locale though maybe more Tufnell Park?

Does anyone else have any film,literary connections to Crouch End or Hornsey?  I'd love to do an ultimate compilation.  I seem to remember the electrical shop that is now Spiazzo was used in the old intros to the brilliant Peep Show. 

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I just needed an excuse to update the Wikipedia entry about the Crouch End short story with a link back here, when hey presto, Cupcake gives me one. I think I saw a lot of the Town Hall interior in some drama on the BBC about coroners or post mortems or something.

I have added an event about a film competition 

Surely someone knows someone who could persuade someone to do something about this


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