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Crouch End, Hornsey and Stroud Green Area Forum and Committee meeting - 27th June

I have received the following email from Cllr Weber, the Area Forum and Committee Chair for Crouch End, Hornsey and Stroud Green


Dear Mr Essex,

I am delighted to bring news of the first Crouch End, Hornsey and Stroud Green Area Forum and Committee meeting.

Date: Monday 27th June 2011
Venue: St Mary's Junior School Rectory Gardens in Hornsey.
Time: 6.30pm opportunity to meet Officers/report a problem surgery. 7pm (new start time) for Area Forum meeting. From 8.30pm formal Committee meeting.

The first part of the meeting is similar to the Area Assembly. Information and topics will be presented and residents will have lots of opportunity to ask questions and put forward their views. The second part, the Area Committee is when the area's ward councillors will discuss actions resulting from the discussions at the Forum, take formal decisions, make recommendations, request more information about matters raised by residents via the local Forum etc.

7pm Forum agenda:

Function of the new Area Forum with examples of decision making that are to be devolved to Residents and local Councillors. How residents can get more involved. Q and A session.

Introducing Veiola - the new waste management contractor. This short presentation will outline the choices available and how street cleansing and waste management will be improved. There will be lots of time for local residents and traders to ask questions about this vital service and how you can influence local service delivery.

Pothole repair funding - new tranch of money direct from the government. Find out how much it costs to fill a pot hole, patch a pot hole, resurface a road, hear about current intervention levels etc. The decision making process and how you can be involved.

The Committee part of the meeting will start around 8.30 - finishing at 9.30pm.

A key agenda item will be discussion about the process and how residents can be involved in shaping our own Area Committee Plan and there will be more....

Officers and Councillors look forward to meeting with you.


Cllr Lyn Weber

Area Forum and Committee Chair for Crouch End, Hornsey and Stroud Green

(m) 07814 238 100
Tel: 0208 348 9796

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I emailed Cllr Weber about adding an 'action point' facility to the Area Forum she's about to Chair - the system is in place, but nobody seems ever to have used it. I looked on the Council Website at past minutes of Assembly meetings (I know, I should get out more, but nobody likes me ...) and, although there's space for 'actions', every single one was empty.


Why, as Council webpages document what happened at our local meetings, is nothing ever added as a result? Is it because they don't achieve anything noteworthy or have I misunderstood why they exist? A lot of them seem to cover ground that affects the whole of Haringey and not specifically our area - those items seemed like 'fillers' to me.


The minutes of the area assemblies presumably never had action points because the assemblies were never more than talking shops - an opportunity for officers and members of the council to make presentations and for citizens to ask questions. The assemblies had little or no power and little or no funding. They were a channel for information,

The new "Area Forum" would seem to replace the Assembly, but the Committee presumably does have both power and funding. The decision of this body should therefore be minuted as action points and acted upon. I guess the policing of this is up to the following meeting to 1) accept the previous minutes as an accurate record (or to add action points if necessary) and 2) to ensure that the action points are actioned.


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