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Crouch End CPZ review - survey results - please don't do it

The very idea of a CPZ is irksome. There is some sense of entitlement that one should be able to park outside one's own home free of charge. After all , who pays the taxes for the upkeep? But controlled parking did arise for a variety of reasons - for example, to discourage the commuter who would drive in from the outer suburbs and leave her car all day, parked outside someone else's house, for the convenience of getting to a tube or overground station. And of course, once the restriction applies to a neighbouring area, the nuisance is shifted nearby, so the need for a CPZ spreads. And so on.

We don't have the railway station problem(!) in Crouch End. But we do have CPZ which has crept in from neighbouring areas. It is a fairly light touch CPZ, just two hours a day. Just enough to prevent permit free parking in one place all day. But this arrangement has never been reviewed. An arrangement I am fairly happy with, having got over being irked.

Earlier this year Haringey's cabinet approved a Sustainable Travel Plan included in which was a two line entry authorising the expenditure of £50,000 on a review of Crouch End's CPZ. The two lines read:

  • Extend hours from 2 hours to all day
  • Extend into uncontrolled roads

which is rather lovely. But why spend £50k on a review of which we already know the outcome? And what say do the people of Crouch End have in all this?

Thinking to test the water I put a Survey on Facebook. The results are very clear. By 269 votes to 32 (plus a few outliers and 'Don't Cares') the respondents do not want changes made to the CPZ.

My thanks to the well over 300 respondents on Facebook and over 100 very useful comments.

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I've written to Peter Boddy , who is  Interim Sustainable Transport Manager Haringey Council, and I think responsible for this "review".


I believe that this proposed review falls within your purview. 
I have two questions in respect of it:
1) is it wise to carry out such a review when a project as large as Liveable Crouch End is taking place? Possible Road Closures and the removal of many main road parking places will change the parking arrangements in Crouch End very dramatically. Any review cannot double guess the outcome of these other changes. My question is would it not be wise to postpone the review until the Liveable project is complete.
2) The outcome of the review seems to be predetermined in the cabinet papers which authorise it. My question is how have these outcomes been determined without actually carrying out the review.
I have recently carried out a survey on Facebook which suggests that such a review does not reflect the wishes of Crouch Enders. The results are in the image below.
I look forward to hearing from you.


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