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I recently recieved the minutes from the April Liveable Crouch End Stakeholder meeting.

They contain a paragraph on the CPZ.


Q. Is anything being done about the parking CPZs? They cause problems with vehicles moving around all day to avoid the enforcement times in different zones.

A. The Council are aware that parking / CPZs are an issue, but it has to be looked into thoroughly before any changes are made.

Parking in the evening is important to encourage people to come to the restaurants / cinemas etc and important for weekend trade for other businesses. Cuts to CPZs / parking on these days could cause issues for people / business owners.

LBH have already spoken to the Parking Team and discussed the surveys we have for the area and how any changes made by them could help us achieve the objectives. We will be looking into progressing this alongside the Liveable Crouch End scheme.

The questioner clearly has a point to make and is willing to exaggerate to get it across. The movements referred are quite few in number and take place a few minutes before and a few minutes after noon and bother almost no one.

It is good to note though that this must be looked into thoroughly before any changes are made, by a group effort of the LBH, the Parking Team and the Liveable Crouch End Project. Let's hope they check with us.

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There is an article in the Ham and High which suggests that the budget line approved by the cabinet may have been there for contingency purposes only. Given the really quite surprising scope of the budget, I can readily accept that some lines are not implemented exactly as written, and in this case welcome the cancellation/postponement.

There is a quote from the Haringey Cabinet Member apparently responsible, make of it what you will:

"Cllr Seema Chandwani, cabinet member for neighbour-hoods, said: "There are no plans to review the CPZ in Crouch End, unless there is a request to do so from residents. Any request will be subject to a full and clear consultation with local residents and businesses.

"In Crouch End and across Haringey we are striving to create healthy and thriving neighbourhoods. This can only be achieved by working with residents, businesses and the wider community.""


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