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Crouch End Arts Festival - it's happening in 2012!

Crouch End Arts Festival Update....

Hello, I am helping to put together the mailing list for the first ever Crouch End Arts Festival, which will take place in May 2012, and would love to have details of any local art, theatre, performance, music, film, photography, craft, studio etc. groups, businesses, people and organisations in our area who might want to be involved. 

If you know of a local group (doesn't matter how big or small), or anything / one else creative that would be interested, then please let me know!! (Organisation name, sector and contact details would be great)

Thanks alot and looking forward to a brilliantly successful festival,


PS. You can join the Crouch End Creatives Facebook page here http://www.facebook.com/groups/crouchendcratives/

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Hi Marice

Great idea, count me in to contribute to festival, to open our roof if wanted and to show my work.




oh that's wonderful!! Also if you know of any other groups / projects that could be interested then plse can you let me know. I think it's going to be great!!



Crouch End has had festivals before. The Crouch End Festival Chorus was founded in in 1984 and presumably there was a festival at that stage for it to be named after - they wouldn't have invented a festival just for the sake of the name? I was involved in soemthing called a festival in the mid nineties. I remember going to Bounds Green to fetch a banner reading "Crouch End Festival" or similar to drape over the railing outside Budgens .

I think the the things that went wrong with that festival included:

  • it was not ambitious enough - I can only recall a few hired stalls around the town hall square, so it was more like a school fair than a fully fledged festival. This current initiative does not seem to lack initiative.
  • personality conflicts - obviously in any venture egos are involved - I seem to remember this being quite important, so a good spirit of co-operation is needed, which can be seen in various internet postings
  • mood - I'm not sure the mood was right before but there does seem to be a positive mood at the moment - various things are happening - Crouch End Open Studios is successful, Barboot is an innovative co-operative idea, the unLibrary is building up, there is enough momentum at the moment (um) to keep things going. Azul's response seems to reinforce this notion. Food from the Sky is not strictly 'arts' but adding it to the festival mix should increase overall interest.

Hi Marice,


I would love to get involved! Either contribute or help organising it.



oh brilliant!!, we will need loads of help and we are commencing on the planning etc. my email is marice.cumber@ymail.com, plse get in touch and so I can add you to the mailing list, and also link up re: help organising!!


also you may want to join the Crouch End Creatives facebook site (if you haven't done so already) http://www.facebook.com/groups/crouchendcratives


best wishes and thanks!,



OpinioN8 has received the following email of support form our LibDem Councillors

Dear Marice
Mnay thanks for the email.
Both Cllr Paul Strang and myself wish all the very best to your project.
I remember the fantastic success of the Crouch end festivals of the 1980s which gave birth to the now internationally renowned Crouch End Festival Chorus: I reckon that we are long overdue another opportunity to showcase all the fantastic talent in Crouch End and the wider community.
Please let me know of any practical support we can offer.

Warm regards
PS Have copied this to Sue Robertson (Mountview) and Adrian of Opion8

Thankyou so much, it's brilliant to get your support, let's hope we get the whole community behind this community initiative.


Marice, on behalf of Crouch End Creatives.


Hello Marice,

you may be interested to know of a small group called reboot!

We have monthly meetings on the last Friday of each month.

It's purpose is to provide creative people who mostly work from home an opportunity to meet up and exchange ideas.

It's been running for three years and includes artists, writers, journalists, musicians and many more.

Take a look at the website I have made for the group here: http://www.rebootcreatives.co.uk

For any more information please contact me via the reboot! website. New members are always welcome.

Best wishes,


great stuff and thankyou for telling us abt rebootcreatives - great initiative. Please can you send your email address to crouchendcreatives@gmail.com with subject line "Festival mailing list" so that I can add you,

best wishes,



PS. Festival meeting tomorrow, Wed 16.11, at Great Northern Railway Tavern, Hornsey High St. 7.30pm

I've sent my email to your gmail email Marice.

Best wishes,


I would like to attend, I will email you :)


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