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I posted a while back about something big and critterish running around in my roof.  I've now discovered that it's not rats but my neighbour's cat doing a wall of death round her flat, the noise of which is so loud it appeared to be coming from my roof!  Phew!


BUT I have discovered that we're having nightly visits from a troupe of party loving mice. Anyone know the best way to get rid of them? Not sticky traps please and I probably will borrow downstairs cat for a couple of nights but I'm thinking traps. More specifically, the name and where to get said traps in N8!


Thank you.

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I had a recent infestation of mice and was unusually highly motivated to get rid of them whatever the cost. In the past I have simply bought poison and traps from local stores (Patel's by the 91 bus stop at the end of Ferme Park Road, and the BG Gas hardware shop a bit further along Tottenham Lane in the arcade opposite the pub both have a fair selection). However these were not working so I called in a pest control company. This cost me over £200, but it has worked.

Obviously the chap who did the work has a vested interest in listing the merits of his approach against the demerits of my home made attempts.

He said the traps I could buy were too small and had insufficient springs. Industrial strength traps would be better, but as a mere member of the public I would not be able to buy them. However he did not advocate traps.

He said the poison I could buy was ineffectual and the wrong shape for mice to eat. He provided and placed at strategic location a much more mouse-pleasing form of poison in much greater concentration. When he came back after 2 weeks to review the situation a great deal of this bait had been taken. There was no sign of any dead mice, but I have not seen nor heard a mouse in the 6 months since. 

I used to live in the countryside so have plenty of experience dealing with mice unfortunately, and fond memories of my Dad chasing mice around the living room with a rolled-up newspaper.

Rat traps are quite good because they are so strong they actually kill the mice, although sometimes they aren't sensitive enough for the mice to trip.  The small traps with insufficient springs are awful because you tend to get home and find a trapped, but not dead, mouse.  A vegan flatmate once had some luck with a tipping trap.  He would then take the mouse to a local park and release it.

Use a sticky bait like Nutella (they love chocolate, and nuts. They don't actually seem to keen on cheese).  And be careful because a rat trap is strong enough to break your fingers.

Figure out where they're coming from (once I actually had a stereotypical mouse hole in the wall!), break some poison up and put it in the hole.  You can also plug up holes with steel wool - for some reason mice hate that stuff and will not attempt to crawl past it.

Remove all sources of mousey food - this includes the crumb tray in the toaster.

Figure out where they are coming from is good advice. You probably live in a Victorian/Edwardian terrace (many Crouch Enders do) and the mice are tourists coming from loft to loft along the terrace. If you can find all the holes and block them up then the tourism will stop. But, there are probably too many holes to block them all, so traps and bait should be situated at all entrances and exits (identify these by looking for droppings, and tunnels worn in the loft insulation).

I guess steel wool works because mice will clear the blockage by gnawing, and gnawing wire wool would make anyone's gums bleed and cause a tummy ache.


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