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Does anybody know when the CPZ is being introduced to these Roads? I live on Denton and the amount of cars parked on our road has now got out of hand - there are only houses on one side of the street.....! I have lived on the Denton Road for 20 years and parking was never an issue until they introduced CPZ and until now,  I have always opposed it. Now of course, Haringey have got what they wanted and we WOULD like the CPZ so that we can park outside our house! I know this is a moan that most residents will have but we have the added issue of our son being DISABLED. We don't have a disabled bay, because until this week (CPZ was enforced on Ridge Road this week) we have never needed one, and I would prefer not to have one as I don't really like to advertise the fact that my son is disabled. I know when CPZ is introduced to our road, I won't need a Disabled Bay because the cars will disperse again, but how long do I have to wait? Apparently it takes between 3 and 6 months to get a bay outside your house. Do you think it would be unreasonable (or illegal) of me to put traffic cones in the space outside our house, with disabled stickers on it? Or would I just get abuse?

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I'm sorry I can't answer the CPZ question directly but this may help.
STATUTORY NOTIFICATION Proposed Extension of Stroud GreenControlled... This document sets out the notification that Haringey intends to extend the Stroud Green CPZ to include Weston Park (between Ferme ParkRoad and Uplands Road)• Inderwick Road• Denton Road• Nelson Road• Mayfield Road•  and Uplands Road.

The notice contains the words

When the council makes a final decision, which is likely to be by October we will publish details on the website and will write to residents setting out the outcome and operational details in the form of a Works Notice. 

So it is possible that no decision has been made yet.

There is a contact name and number given in the notification - Vincent Valerio on 020 8489 1325. He might have some more information.

It is probably also worth getting in toudh with Richard Wilson whose website has a lot of stuff about the Stroud Gr...

For myself I would not take any independent action in the form of cones and notices - these would defeat your 'no advertisement' object, annoy the neighbours and quite possibly bring down the wrath of Harigey. Again Richard Wilson may be able to help at one of his surgeries. He publishes his contact details as 

You can meet Ed, Katherine or me at our regular surgeries (I usually do the Hornsey Vale Community Centre one):

1st Thursday of each month, 6.30-7.30pm
Stroud Green Primary School, Woodstock Road, N4

2nd Saturday of each month, 10-11am
Hornsey Vale Community Centre, 60 Mayfield Road, N8

3rd Thursday of each month 2pm-4pm
Stroud Green Baptist Church Hall, 40a Stapleton Hall Road, N4

Or if you can’t make it to a surgery, I would be happy to meet you elsewhere.

Phone number: 020 8341 7052
Email: richard.wilson {at} haringeylibdems(.)org

You can write to me at:
Cllr Richard Wilson
62 High Street
N8 7NX



My sympathies Lisa. I don't have any practical advice but all those camper vans that used to be parked on Ridge Road seem to have moved down onto Denton Road which is ridiculous as it really causes the W5 problems, so I'd contact the council about that. Ridge Road is now practically deserted between 10 and 12! 

The situation today is INTOLERABLE. My disabled son has swimming at Park Road, due to recent cuts there is no bus laid on for them so the class has to walk. I consequently drive over there to collect him. Today, I come back and drop my son off at school, and even with my disabled badge which allows me to park in residents bays, the closest that I can park to our house is on Ridge Road at the top of Uplands! All the available residents bays at the top of Denton, on Ridge Road were suspended due to roadworks!!! I have to take my 3 young children out after school, including my disabled son - what do I do? Walk them all the way up the hill, to the car or leave them in the house on their own and bring the car round (I don't think so....!) and then load them in outside the house blocking the road? It is a disgrace, I feel like my civil rights have been taken away.

Just earlier, my husband was walking to the bus stop on his way to work and saw a couple park outside our house with bags of shopping, and walk up Denton Road, across the park, up Mayfield and then into a house at the top of Ferme Park Road!!! The distance that people are prepared to walk so they do not have to pay for permits is laughable were it not so frustrating for us.

The traffic congestion it has caused is also quite ridiculous. The entrance to Weston Park Primary School is on Denton Road and this morning the refuse truck was reversing/struggling and blocking traffic in the road around the entrance of the school at 8.55 just as all the children were arriving on foot and on their bikes! This is dangerous! I have seen the W5 bus and lines of cars reversing down the road in order that they can pass. Or lines of cars reversing up the hill.

I am disgusted that Haringey think that it is OK to create problems were there was none, and cause enormous stress to the very people that that they are supposed to be looking after. Its a disgrace!

I sympathise with your plight. Similar things have happened to every street which has ended up on the fringe of a CPZ. I used to live in Highbury. Parking was fine until Hackney stuck a CPZ the other side of the Blackstock Road. Chaos ensued and we begged for a CPZ. 5 years ago I came to Crouch End. parking was fine and free until Islington's CPZs crept up the Stroud Green Road from Finsbury Park and the last of Islington's roads got their CPZ. And then all the camper vans and commuters turned up on our street the last non CPZ street near a Zone 2 tube station. We begged and pleaded and got our CPZ. Further down Crouch Hill they objected so didn't get one but unsurprisingly weeks after the CPZ was installed they too were begging for one. Haringey should have bit the bullet and CPZed the whole borough as the waves of parking chaos have just moved to the fringes of each CPZ that is installed. I have watched certain camper vans gradually move from Crouch hill and they are now in the roads round you.

I completely agree that it is a disgrace. I would keep on calling and emailing Haringey. I would also stick cones out when you can. I've done that in the past when I have been in your position and 9 times out of 10 nobody has moved them. If it is any consolation when you finally get the CPZ it will be great.
Councillor Richard Wilson seems to be hot on CPZ for this area, I'd contact him.


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