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CPZ consultation on Bike Hangars and Electric Vehicle Charging Points

In an article in the Ham and High on August 19th 2019 there is a paragraph:

Cllr Seema Chandwani, cabinet member for neighbourhoods, said: "There are no plans to review the CPZ in Crouch End, unless there is a request to do so from residents. Any request will be subject to a full and clear consultation with local residents and businesses.

Well, they must have found someone to make the request, because there is now a consultation on the Haringey website, for CE-CPZ-A at least. Lucky, that, as it ties in quite neatly with the Haringey budget allocation of £50,000 for just this purpose.

In the consultation paper it states that there has been a petition, and that the council's surveys suggest a lot of pressure on parking outside CPZ hours. It might be handy to see the petition and the survey results. Not to suggest that they don't exist, but knowing the context might help with the "other comments about the CPZ" question.

My earlier research on this question suggested that Crouch End Facebook users like the CPZ the way it is.

Not sure what bike hangars and electric vehicle charging points have got to do with it.

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Up and down like a *(insert suitable choice of simile).

Apparently the presence of the link yesterday was a case of premature engagement. Due back on 16th.


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