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Council (not Haringey) loses £2.5m claim against Big Blue

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Councils and procurement don't mix - apparently Westminster appointed Mouchel "preferred bidder" but subsequently awarded the parking contract to a company formerly known as NCP. Mouchel were miffed and sued. Rather than employ expensive lawyers, Westminster settled out of court, even though they may have been in the right. 

In Clive's example Southwark commission expensive software without even writing a spec.

The MoD orders aircraft carriers which it is more expensive not to buy than it is to buy!

Am I wrong to wonder about the ability of our own local public servants to negotiate a contract?

I like what Judge Akenhead wrote in his judgment:

"An analogy is the potential car purchaser who might want an off-road vehicle but, having looked at the brochure for an on-road vehicle, says to the salesman 'that's what I want'. There will be no cause for action against the garage that the car is no good off the road.”

What buffoons.


Update: and sometimes, governments and computers don't mix. I hope that there will be a move to open source standards in local and central government, rather than continuing indefinitely to paying large licence fees to a certain large American multi-national ...


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