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Please find below the full text of Haringey's consultation document. Go to this page on the Haringey website to read the council's b;urb


Draft for Discussion and Consultation

Haringey Local Authority will be the champion of its children and families and will work in schools and other education providers to deliver an outstanding educational offer for all Haringey’s children.

What will the achievement of this vision feel and look like and how will it be achieved?

Haringey will be a community where children, young people and their families are known to thrive and achieve. They will be ambitious and grow into confident, independent adults who make a difference in their families, communities and the wider world.

Children will be optimistic and excited by the possibilities of their future and use their education to enable them to achieve their aspirations. They will be able to compete with their peers whether in educational, artistic or sporting excellence. Haringey children and young people should have access the best education possible. Our overriding ambition is for the highest quality of educational opportunities offered to the children who are educated in our borough, and those we look after wherever they are educated.

We will be bold in our vision and invite school leaders and governors to commit themselves to working with us and our partners to delivering it for this and coming generations of Haringey children. We will work to achieve creative solutions rather than a ‘one-size fits all’ approach and will not rule out any option where it provides an opportunity for success. This means that we are focused on producing the best outcomes for children and young people and are prepared to go beyond traditional thinking and models of organisation and partnerships if that means our vision for children can be transformed into reality.

We will develop this role based on our longstanding partnership with our schools and use our wider influence to provide strategic leadership with partners and stakeholders.

Our children depend on our schools for the delivery of this vision. As partners with us we look to them to use their resources to ensure that children achieve the best outcomes. Strong schools build strong communities and we challenge our schools to be strong and autonomous and to work collaboratively to provide leadership in our communities. We are delighted when schools decide to remain as local authority schools but also welcome other providers to the Haringey family of schools with the same offer of support and challenge as to any publicly funded school based in our Borough.

We are determined that all of our schools are great schools and this means that our satisfactory schools will become good and our good schools will become outstanding. Our strong schools will support weaker schools so that the whole community of Haringey children and families benefit from their success.

We will support our schools on this journey to excellence and will offer services to schools that provide the best quality and value. Where we cannot do this ourselves we will work with schools to identify alternative providers as our children deserve nothing less than outstanding. We will focus on the areas where we can add most value and to discharge our statutory duties to the highest standards – this means that we will:

  • ensure that schools receive effective challenge and support based on an intelligent understanding and interpretation of data;

  • plan strategically so that we have a strong supply of local school places not just for now but for the future;

  • maintain a strong supply of local governors who are supported to add value to their schools

  • make sure that our support for vulnerable children is excellent.

We will have early conversations with school leaders and governors about emerging areas for improvement. We will act decisively to challenge for improved performance where we need to, always putting the interests of children first and acting with integrity and transparency in the use of our statutory powers.

We intend that Haringey will be known for the quality of its education and will develop, attract and retain inspirational leaders who share this determination that children that attend our schools have the best start in life, best teaching and great opportunities to develop as individuals. We will invest in and nurture school leadership and build capacity for the future. We believe that every school should have outstanding governance that is able to challenge, support and champion the school. We will work with schools to make sure that they recruit the governors that they need and the governors that they have are well supported and developed.



  1. Is our vision bold enough for children and young people in Haringey? If not, tell us what you would like to see.

  1. We need commitment to this vision. Is there anything in the draft that you cannot commit to?

  1. We want a local family of schools. Do you agree that this family should include all those that offer education to children and young people in Haringey?

  1. We want our schools to compete with the best in the country. Do you agree with this and do you have ideas that you can contribute to achieving this?

  1. Do you want to tell us anything else?

  1. We are consulting with the following groups - Is there anyone else you think we should be consulting with?

  • Headteachers and school staff

  • Governors

  • Other education providers in the borough

  • All CYPS Staff

  • Out of borough placements (including SEN and LAC placements)

  • Elected Members

  • MPs

  • Area Forums

  • Parents Forums

  • Parents/carers

  • Faith groups

  • Haringey Race & Equality Council

  • Haringey Youth Council

  • Children and young people

  • Aspire

  • Young Commissioners

  • Haringey Council Corporate Board

  • Statutory Partners

  • Voluntary and Community groups

  • Early Years Providers

  • Childminders

  • Alternative Provision Placements

  • Supplementary Schools

  • Libraries

  • Adjoining boroughs

  • Trade Unions

  • Tottenham Regeneration task groups


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