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Received by email from Susan Bennett

I am SO  disappointed with the way (CON ) Fusion has  (MIS ) managed the development at Park Road.

  Communication from the outset has been  almost non existent.  Mostly it has been   ungracious towards customers,  ,and STAFF, who. like us,    have become demoralised  .. Many have been made redundant . . .poolside staff no longer have A POOL  .. so lost their jobs or agreed to  relocate. 

  Remaining staff working on the newly refurbished reception, were told they were NOT allowed to sit  during their entire shift.   

   THIS  is  ridiculous . .   perhaps another ploy to oust long serving staff who  can't  manage to stand for up to nine hours.   If they leave, Fusion can take on young people prepared to work  for minimum wage.

     The atmosphere is so  unpleasant for the staff it rubs off on customers who have viewed them as part of the same community.   We used to  feel inter connected . . now. Fusion has  destroyed morale  , I wish I did not love to swim as much as I do, so I would not  have to envisage returning there to swim.

      At present, I swim  in the Ladies Pond, where the lifeguards are totally on the ball,  and friendly . . .Many have worked at Park Rd  in the past. .

  All I can dare to hope, is that when the dust and earthworks settle, the Lido and indoor pools will be  worth waiting for  ,

   I know there have been lots of problems regarding  pipes etc. But they  must have known , and should not have misled the public about opening in May  , June,  July,  and onwards.

     I hope too, that employees will be treated with respect, and appreciated for their contribution to  a  much loved local community facility.

      Communication and community both begin with CON . . . . I hope  we will not become long term victims of a bigger CON.

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WE DID IT!!! Diving is now officially staying at Park Road - indefi...

Save Park Road Diving Pool

9 Oct 2014 — This evening Save Park Road Diving Pool received fantastic news from Fusion Lifestyle and Haringey Council. 

Bearing in mind the strength of community support for retaining diving at Park Road Leisure Centre which the petition has demonstrated, and following a thorough re-examination of available options, Fusion and the council have agreed that diving will remain at Park Road indefinitely. 

If future technical improvements make possible the cost-effective introduction of a movable floor that is fully compatible with diving, this will be considered - with full public consultation. But whatever happens, the Park Road diving boards are going to remain in place, together with one of London's small number of custom-built diving pits, a precious resource for a high-profile Olympic sport.

More news will follow soon, including a link to the official announcement, details of plans to maximize the use of the deep-water facilities at Park Road, and a commitment to improved communication from Fusion Lifestyle and Haringey Council.

Massive thanks to all those who signed the petition, and to the local people, celebrities and politicians who went out of their way to support the campaign and spread the word. Congratulations everyone... we did it!

and the official announcement from Haringey

Diving will continue at Park Road Leisure Centre, Haringey Council and Fusion Lifestyle are delighted to announce.

Fusion Lifestyle, who operate Park Road Leisure Centre on behalf of the council, has listened to the views of residents and leisure centre users about earlier proposals to move the boards to Tottenham Green Leisure Centre and install a moveable floor at Park Road to enable the pool to be used for other activities.

After taking on board the feedback received, Fusion looked again at all the options for the pool, including seeking advice from a range of experts about the possibility of keeping the diving boards alongside the moveable floor.

It has not been possible to find a viable solution due to the technical complications associated with the refurbishment of an existing pool space, rather than a new building construction. The decision has therefore been made to keep the diving boards in place. The possibility of installing a moveable floor that can retain diving in the future has not been ruled out if technological advances make that possible.

Mark Munday, Fusion Lifestyle Divisional Business Manager, said:

“I am pleased that our discussions with local residents and the Haringey Aquatics Club have come to a positive conclusion. We are committed to developing leisure programmes and activities at Park Road that will increase participation and meet the needs of the local community. The £8m redevelopment of Park Road will support us in achieving these goals.”

Haringey Council Cabinet Member for Environment Cllr Stuart McNamara said:

“We are delighted that Fusion has listened closely to residents and users of the diving pool and has also taken the advice of a range of technical experts before coming to this decision.

“Making the best use of this pool and ensuring it is a first class facility that all of our residents can enjoy has been at the heart of all our proposals for Park Road.

“We will encourage residents to continue making the best use of these facilities and ensure that diving as a sport develops as much as possible in our borough and will of course continue to monitor Fusion’s progress as they review whether a moveable floor is still possible."

Fusion Lifestyle, is investing almost £15million in an extensive programme of improvements at Park Road leisure centre and Tottenham Green leisure centre.

Improvements being made at Park Road include new changing areas; pool refurbishment; gym expansion; a new health suite and 3 studios; a new soft play; improvements to the lido, and relocation of the cafe.

At Tottenham Green, improvements include refurbished pools, a modern gym and new studios; a spa and new changing facilities; refurbished sports hall, and a soft play area.

In a statement, the Leisure Centre stakeholder group said:

“We are delighted at the decision to retain diving at Park Road. The petition of almost 3000 local residents made clear how important the diving pool is to the local community. And we would like to thank The London Borough of Haringey and Fusion for taking this on board. 

The dedicated diving pool is one of less than a handful left in London so this is a significant development for both the local community and the wider picture of sports facilities across the UK. 

We have been promised greater community involvement in the future and we look forward to this so that the full range of available facilities can be maximised for the benefit of all.”


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