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Community Assets in Difficult Ownership - local examples - Archway Central Hall

You know that huge building on the right as you approach the Archway roundabout on the 41 bus.

You've probably looked at it as often as I have and wondered why someone doesn't do something with it. The answer is it's in difficult ownership - "an unresponsive offshore company based in Gibraltar" . It was built in the 1930s with a famous name attached - J Arthur Rank. And now not very much has happened to it for a long time. Read more on the Locality website

Is it possible to see any parallels with Hornsey Town Hall, built in the 1930s by a prize winning architect, owned by an unresponsive onshore public entity. And now not very much has happened to it for a long time, until last October when new tenants moved in. Except it is up for sale

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