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Coming to a High Street near you - payday loans and bookmakers

Alan Stanton, a councillor, sometimes of the Labour Party, is a regular contributor to HoL and has contributed a note about High Streets and Planning based on this Local Government Association article.

The argument that as the rules on changing from one use class to another are relaxed (as part of an economic stimulus) then the nature of trading on High Streets will change. The fear is that instead of having useful shops (selling bread, meat, frocks, ironmongery, etc) we will get  bookmakers, payday loan companies and amusement arcades. 

Of course , to a large extent , what shops we get depends on which we frequent. If no one borrows money from a pay day lender then he will go away. This happened very quickly to the gold scrap buyer which opened up for a few weeks.

This article "The real reason our shops are shutting up" suggests the real culprits are the landlords and the tax collectors.

I'm prompted to mention this because Andrew Thornton is moving out.

Meanwhile there is another business for sale just by the Ferme Park Road roundabout

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As even the BBC noticed it's a rentier economy. The High streets are imploding, no one under the age of 45 has anywhere affordable to live and the housing benefit bill rises exponentially. And the landlords are sunning themselves on yachts in Marbella (presumably where they compete with Google for the tax avoidance blue riband).

Apparently the shoe shop on the parade, Eden, has also given up.


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