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Confirmation that BlockBuster will very soon be a spacious and delightful coffee shop

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you can HARDLY call this imaginative use of the space. CE needs a decent supermarket. I was hoping Sainsbury's was going to turn this into a local branch. I can't believe Sainsbury's haven't seemed to recognise the gap in the market in the centre of Crouch End.

ANOTHER coffee shop full of yummy mummy's all competing to see who can talk the loudest. Yay.

I agree with you, we have already too many coffee shops in CE, but a Sainsbury's!!!!! You must be kidding!!! :) 

dark, dreary, badly laid out and expensive Bludgeon and slave labour constantly-sold-out Tesco's should be blown up and turned into a big Sainsbury's : )

I love Sainsbury's xx

Just extend Waitrose into the eye shop, wine shop, Tesco and Budgens (leaving space for dirty Gregg's) and be done with it.

Rich are you joking or being serious? - personally I seriously think that would be a good idea. Rather than 3 useless mini markets it would make more sense to have a proper supermarket


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