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Anybody fancy buying it and turning it into a nice family friendly gastro pub for us locals?  ;)


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Oh God, let's hope so!

I'm sure I did read about a group of local people who took over a pub with a view to making it totally family friendly - which i think meant you almost needed a buggy and a baby to be allowed in - but it had worked, and the variation on the pub theme was working.

For these particular premises , you'd need

£65,000 - to buy the business from Emil, present incumbent (maybe he'd take an offer)

£xx,xxx - to make the building and its interior attractive

£yy,yyy per annum - to pay the rent to Trust Inns

And then you'd need enough income to keep it going.

This does sound like hard work, but not beyond the realms of possibility. As I understand it the whole building (with 12 bedrooms) is part of the deal.

May be worth getting in touch with the liberal Jewish congregation that was looking at the Earl Haig as a (part time) base and whose petition appears here

It appears to have another new name, 'Night Flight'. Anyone have any dea what is going on now?

Oh dear, this doesn't bode well.  So they're not selling then? Or have sold and are now called 'night flight'? . Seems unlikely. 


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