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TODAY I saw the beautiful paper produced by Haringey Council titled,

Going Green: Haringey’s Greenest Borough Strategy (pdf 3Mb).

The document can be read and/or downloaded from the council’s server at the above link. It is seriously impressive and demonstrates the council's clear commitment. It is 50 pages long and represents a 10-year strategy.

46 times, it refers to climate change.

Instances of other key words:

  • 34  x carbon [& variants]
  • 12  x walking
  • 11  x pollution
  • 11  x cycling
  •  8  x congestion
  •  7  x commit or commitment
  •  6  x traffic
  •  4  x sustainable transport



The pdf file I refer to was created by Haringey at 4:51 PM, on 17 October. It was modified 11 days later on 28 of October and presumably the document was published shortly thereafter. The Greenest Borough Strategy, with its purposeful intent, was indeed published in October, but it was October 2008 and it is now more than one decade old.

The period of the 10-year strategy ended either two months ago or will end, in two weeks' time. Should the council not treat this subject seriously with action? How seriously can one take Haringey Council on climate change? Is the Sustainable Transport Dept. living up to it's responsibilities? Or even it's name?

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