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Charity chuggers to face curbs in Haringey

Publication date: Friday 2 November 2012

Charity fundraisers or "chuggers" who tout for trade in town centres will now be restricted in how they operate on Haringey streets.

The council is signing an agreement with the Public Fundraising Regulatory Authority (PFRA) to make sure chuggers stick to the rules designed to prevent them from becoming a nuisance. Those who break the rules will face serious penalties.

Cabinet Member for the Environment, Cllr Nilgun Canver, said:

"We want our high streets to be places where people can go to shop without being ambushed by fundraisers every time they step out. Sometimes it seems there is a fundraiser every ten yards with some of them being quite forceful. This is not acceptable.

"We know charities must fundraise and many people want to give to them, especially coming up to Christmas. If charities comply with the PFRA rules they should be able to collect and boost their funds without upsetting anyone."

The rules prohibit fundraisers from:

  • following a person for more than three steps
  • standing within 3m of a shop doorway, cashpoint, pedestrian crossing or station entrance
  • sign anyone up to a Direct Debit unable to give informed consent through illness, disability, or drink or drugs
  • approaching any members of the public who are working, such as tour guides or newspaper sellers
  • leaving bags unattended on the street
  • working on sites booked by another fundraising organisation

For details of the code visit the Public Fundraising Regulatory Authority website (external link).

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On a slightly different note, now that it's Christmas we seem to have a lot of young people with buckets from UCKG (United Church of the Kingdom of God). That's the church that takes over big theatres and cinemas like the one at Finsbury Park (the rainbow?), they wear santa hats and sing Christmas songs and appear to be charity collectors while in fact collecting for the church. As the church has a colorful past and some ex-members have likened them to other churches like Scientology. I just wanted to check if people were aware what they were funding by putting money in the buckets.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Church_of_the_Kingdom_of_God

I had no idea, well spotted. Luckily their cheery Christmas singing dismayed me almost as much as does the tinny Rotarian muzak system , so I gave them nothing.

Annoyingly, they were singing, completely out of tune, against the wonderful Crouch End Festival Chorus outside Budgens on the 8th!

Yes, there was real kerfuffle outside Waitrose yesterday afternoon when someone was urging passers by not to donate - for the reasons outlined above.  The collectors paid no attention and danced and sang.  But when I found out about the organisation and how virtually nothing goes to "charity" it struck a really sour note to my Christmas shopping.  They should not be allowed to collect.  Also last Wednesday there were bogus Big Issue sellers outside Waitrose and Budgens.  I challenged one of them to show his ID and after several minutes of "searching" in his bag, he could not provide it.  I support charities and especially the Big Issue, but both above incidents are not good in our Broadway and put doubt about donating into people's minds.  Who is responsible for policing this kind of thing?  Merry Christmas all.

I would also like to see a requirement for them to have to issue 'No' stickers, in the colour of the day, to those that refuse. That way, hopefully, we can wear them and avoid being accosted more than once - rather than every few metres!


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