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I had a snack in Celeste recently. I quite enjoyed it. Of course I am biased because Coffee Cake was my favourite place in all Crouch End. i do like the the lighting system - I remember ripping all that sort of metal electrical conduit out of my house when I first moved in , but it looks pretty good with the fancy LEDs. I have never had a macaroon tree.

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Looks interesting. Will check it out this week-end.

I tried a light lunch in Celeste - a bagel with a fairly bland ham filling, a tasty slab of carrot cake, and a nice house-made fruit juice - and got chatting with the owner, a delightful young Romanian lady called Ileana who's decided to give Crouch End a go. The café's ambience is pleasant and spacious, but I think it's a pity that the menu doesn't have some light bites that don't involve bread (though thank goodness there's an absence of Crouch End's ubiquitous sourdough) amid the quite pricey brunch items. But when I'm hungrier and flusher I'll certainly go back there for one of the menu's tempting-looking brunches. Celeste is a good addition to the local scene.


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