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I should put this up as an event really, but first I thought I'd ask a question...

Do you think I'd find out how Labour propose to leave the EU if I popped along?


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I think this is what is referred to as a rhetorical question. It doesn't really demand  an answer. You suspect that you would find out little about the Labour position, but a lot about CW's which is probably still at odds with JC's (perhaps??).

We know very well that Catherine West ignored the party line and voted against the conservative motion on triggering Article 50, based on her own beliefs and the fact that a lot voters in Hornsey and Wood Green voted remain. As though her beliefs and the herd mentality in H&WG are somehow a justification for denying a popular vote.

But while your question has a certain local interest, the corresponding question about a similar meeting organised by, say, Jacob Rees-Mogg would bring the same answer, which might imply an issue of wider significance.

I wonder what the German government would make of it? Well, what it might make of it if there were a German government.



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