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Car Free Day 22nd September - an idea from our LibDem Councillor - a Play Street or a Street Party

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Dear Adrian,

Could you host a Play Street or Street Party for Car Free Day?

London Car Free Day will be taking place on Sunday 22nd September this year, and we are encouraging as many Haringey residents as possible to take part.

We are hoping to see a number of Play Streets/Street Parties happening during Car Free Day to allow children and residents to reclaim their streets from vehicles, play safely and get to know your neighbours.
What is a Play Street?

A play street is a street temporarily closed off to traffic (with the exception of movements in and out of the closed street) for a period of around 3 hours.

Play Streets allow children to "play out" near to their home, to bring neighbours and the community together in a shared space, and to promote the impact of vehicles on the environment and the benefit of closed off streets.

What is a Street Party?

Similar to a play street, in that the road will be closed to vehicles, a street party is an on-street event geared around food and celebration for local residents/neighbours. The event could include tables and chairs, community contributions to food and drink, and low-level music.
If a Play Street or Street Party sounds like something that you and your neighbours may like to do for Car Free Day, then the council has provided the following steps to assist:
  1. Talk
    Talk to your neighbours and explain what you want to do. Remember to tell them that the street will not be closed completely; people living on the street will still be able to drive to and from their homes, but at a walking pace to protect the young people playing.
  2. Recruit
    Recruit friends or neighbours to help on the day as you'll need people to stay at each end of the street and advise drivers about the street closure, as well as neighbours to join in!.
  3. Timings
    We can only agree to road closures during daylight hours, so please consider varying your play times to suit the time of year eg up to 3.30pm from October clock change.
  4. Cost
    Unlike other temporary road closures, there will be no charge to process this application for a Traffic Management Order (TMO).
Submitting your application 

To ensure that Haringey Council can process your Play Street or Street Party application in time, and give residents the required statutory notice period, any applications for Car Free Day must be submitted no later than Friday 20th August. Please note: earlier submissions can benefit from council assistance in preparing the street and prevent any issues with the application.

For lots more information, including seeing if your street is suitable, and to download the Play Street Application form, please click the button below:
Play Street - More Info & Application Form
For more information and to download the Street Party Application form, please click the button below:
Street Party - More Info & Application Form
Speaking to someone / Getting help

If you would like to speak to someone to discuss how the above could work for your street, or if you are interested in a free information session please email smarter.travel@haringey.gov.uk.

If there is a high demand a meeting can be arranged amongst a number of residents. The information session would cover:
  • The benefits of street play
  • Simple steps to make your street more 'playable' and friendly
  • How to apply for a Temporary Play Street Order
  • Consulting with neighbours - dealing with objections and concerns
  • Stewarding, safety and other practicalities
We hope to see lots of communities taking part on September 22nd for Car Free Day and please do let us and send us an invitation if you arrange a Play Street or Street Party so that we can pop along and say hello!

Best wishes,
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Cllr Luke Cawley-Harrison
Liberal Democrat Councillor for Crouch End
Haringey Lib Dems spokesperson for Transport & Liveable Neighbourhoods
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