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Can Crouch End/Hornsey compete with out of town shopping?

I picked this up from Clair Woodward's twitter stream   -  John Lewis is doing badly at some shopping centres . As a husband and father of three daughters I have been compelled to spend some time at soulless uninspiring Brent Cross- so I rather welcome the decline.

By contrast, how does Crouch End fare as a shopping centre.

There are some interesting/useful shops. Patel's hardware (Tottenham Lane opposite the Texaco station) is a boon any time you need hardware or advice for a DIY job, with Bishop's (Park Lane) a good back up and an excellent littel hardware store opposite the Hope and Anchor on Tottenham Lane, where I buy all my mouse poison and moth proofer. Rock around the Clock provides all the guitars, ukuleles, banjos and sheet music you might need. I don't think my waistband can cope with the surfeit of artisan bakers which are becoming quite well documented 

And then there are the initiatives. The Crouch End Project is doing a good job of promoting many businesses. Crouch Angeles seems like a bright idea to change the way shops are used, though it absolutely must change its name. The Barboot at the Haberdashery opens up Crouch End in the evenings

And then there are are the Nail Bars, hairdressers and estate agents. Ah well! 

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