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Bufala di Londra - where Bamboo Burger very briefly was

A planning application for a new, quite attractive shop front, Bufala di Londra. They might spoil it with an external security grille, though

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I was wrong about the grille. It will be inside the shop front , which I think accords with guidelines to prevent the unsightly row of shuttered shops at night.

But, the work that has been done, which may not be quite complete, differs slightly from the proposal. The lettering is no longer a neat font, the logo is made clear, and the web address and street number are added. All probably OK, especially the street number, which is positively helpful. But the row of dentil moulding above the frontage has been hidden by a sheet of (probably) plywood. and the reeded capitals to the column between the shops remain, so far, unrestored. The small green tiles are less attractive than the large tiles hinted at in the planning application, and the downpipe remains one of many which mar the parade. Cumulatively along the row of shops these details definitely detract from the streetscape.


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