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Andrew Thornton has decided to sell the store back to the parent company, which leaves the future of the shop a little unclear.

If another independent takes it on as a Budgens operation, as Thornton suggests, things may move onward and upward, but in the teeth of massive supermarket competition I fear the worse.

Of course I appreciate that others disagree but for those of us who value any independence from the chains it is worrying news.

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 I'm slightly surprised that "Crouch End has been described as the most competitive food retail high street in the UK"! and I hope that whoever takes over shows as much care for the locals as Andrew has. 

I have recently read of other possible changes to the High Street.

I think the best thing he did was putting doors on the fridges.

Hi there, I can assure everyone that Budgens are committed to keeping the store independent and finding another retailer to take on the mantle - in the meanwhile, they'll run exactly as is. All the local suppliers, Food from the Sky, HOPE..... etc all stays.

The quote about being the most competitive food retail high street in the UK comes from Mike Greene, the CEO of a specialist food retailer consultancy - someone who knows their stuff!

Adrian thanks for your kind words, I am sure my successor will continue the good work!

I've always wished it was a Sainsbury's - I'm amazed Sainsbury's haven't seen the gap in the market in Crouch End for a decent supermarket - this could be their chance

Coming to  High Street near you - Sainsbury's. I did not get to the exhibitions - perhaps someone who did could give us a flavour of what is being proposed. I understand some part of it is a 36,000 square foot Sainsbury's split 19:17 retail:storage.

where is Hornsey high street?

It starts at the roundabout at the end of middle lane and runs to the east and ends at New River Village. It features The Three Compasses and the Hornsey Church Tower

It is very difficult to retain ones independence when surrounded by giants (Big Brands with Big Budgets).

I run a totally unique Organic Deep Cleaning Company but am of the beaten track in Sunnyside Road.

We got stuck working for less money than covered our overheads by trying to compete as oppose to retaining our individual offering of natural oven scrubs and deep cleaning of spaces.

We may soon be shutting shop as we are struggling to pay the rent and do enough of what we do to stay in the market.

We have found that we need to educate people about what we do and how and why we do it again this costs money and lots of it!

Our only hope is that people make the effort Andrew has to create a wonderful environment full of creative expression and love.

The truth is we are all so resigned and led by market leaders its time for people to step up and actively choose what they want.

Hannah Spotless Organic Cleaning Services

I found this article about Hannah's company and this seems to be the company website


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