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could BT get any more irritatingly inefficient?   I'm trying to get help with my new set-up which I dislike intensely   why should I have the bother of logging in each time I want to check my emails several times a day?   why can't I get attachments?    why can't I access my address book so that I can email block contacts (eg I'm Avenue Road Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator) and I have to check every email address I use?    I filled in the BT online enquiry form and was told 2 things were wrong- I hadn't confirmed that I am a BT customer  I HAD and my account number wasn't 10 characters  IT WAS

I admit I'm not the most patient person in the world but I'm sure there are many others who find these impersonal so-called help lines totally useless (and an excuse to send you screaming to the Broadway for another bottle of Waitrose fizzy pink!) 

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The problem with personal computers nowadays is the number of interactions between different parts, and the multiplicity  of options for doing anything.

On the face of it , it seems unlikely that the fault lies with BT, but with the set up required on your Mac. 

I will put the question on Twitter in the hope that someone can help.


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