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hello to opinioN8, I have been running the gallery for locals on hornsey high street for 4 months now and in this time we have done a reasonable job of showing what we can do when we get the funding from what ever source comes to our aid.  i say this as we could operate in a commercial of charitable way as well as many of the other forms of social enterprise etc. what we do is form a hand picked set of creatives from gardening to film , theatre to antique restoration, tailoring to art ,, all with BRAND NEW START approval to form a community village that teaches back 25% of the time including use of their studios which keeps good people working and gets new talent engaged so it can grow and pass it on to new generations. if you take a peek at our blog, www.brandnewstart.org facebook brandnewstart/northlondon www.livemusiclondon.com or the ham and high online 29th nov edition you will glean some of our other achievements and aims.  i come from apprentice stock and became a master craftsman in carpentry. period property renovations and antique restoration before turning my hand to restoring a creative community that once was thriving and is still there just a bit disengaged as a whole. well we are here to help this form new roots and grow strong again by creating the special environment with the right recipie and this is begining to show in the gallery we have on hornsey high street right in the centre of the community for the community. our not for profit space is encompasing all creativity and from cartooning for kids, drawing for dummies , restoration for patrons, photography for all, art and many more skills to be taught in the new year when we will have one half of our gallery set up as a multifunction workshop and the other half as it is with art and colectabels tea and cake, vintage clothing and jewellery, gramaphones and wedding dresses, where locals can find rare bargains and those who can donate to the cause, volunteers help out and we give a shout going out for talent all around our area to get to show their wares. we are supported by Lynne Featherstone in funding bids and David Lammys office soon to be assisting too.  so if this appeals to anyone please let us know what oyu thing and if you can offer some help please feel free to put your ideas forward jonnyrogers@hotmail.co.uk or brandnewstartlondon@live.com.

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