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GreenN8 doesn't pop its head above the parapet, but I have today received a typically thorough briefing (might almost be called a longing) from that august organisation, about the renewed Boundary Commission proposal to move the Stroud Green local election ward from the Hornsey and Wood Green parliamentary constituency into Tottenham. If you think this makes no sense 

Respond to the consultation . In the comments section state that you are commenting on the removal of Stroud Green Ward from Hornsey and Wood Green to Tottenham, and say why. Follow the GreenN8 links for further arguments. There will be a meeting on Nov 24th



Tell the boundary commission  

We only have until Monday 5th of December to respond to the boundary commission proposal to annex Stroud Green into Tottenham.

The next general election seems a long way away, but when the time comes, many people could be in for a very big surprise. If you live in Stroud Green, you may find you are no longer part of Hornsey and Wood Green constituency, but Instead are part of Tottenham.

So why are we talking about it right now?

Because now we can do something to stop it by responding to the Boundary Commission consultation by the 5th of December 2016. But before you do, it is important you read on:

Are you having a Déjà vu moment?

If you do, it is because we have been here before... The first time was 5 years ago in 2011. At the time Stroud Green residents responded en masse and it worked! In 2013 The boundary commission published the revised proposal and agreed with us that Stroud Green should stay where it is! (Please find the relevant quotes from it at the bottom of this email.)


If this is all news to you please come to a 



with Catherine West

MP of Hornsey and Wood Green 

On Thursday 24 November 18:00 - 20:00

St Aidans Primary School, Stapleton Hall Road, London N4 4RR

The meeting is kindly organised by members of the Stroud Green Resident association (SGRA) and Hornsey Vale Community Association. Full leaflet can be found here.

Watch the 2011 video

What a difference 5 years make: different MP, different councillors, slightly different proposal, but when it comes to Stroud Green the Boundary commission seems to have reverted and are proposing to annex us to Tottenham all over again. So although the video is ... well, dated ... the views and reasoning as to why we should stay were we are, are well made and are as relevant today as they were 5 years ago. http://GreenN8.org.uk

For more info on how to respond to the consultation go to http://GreenN8.org.uk

What arguments the Commission may take into account:

The rules the Boundary Commission will follow when considering representations from the public.
  • special geographical considerations, including the size, shape and accessibility of a constituency;
  • local government boundaries as they existed on 6 May 2010;
  • boundaries of existing constituencies;
  • any local ties that would be broken by the proposal
If you have responded to the proposals of 2011, please resubmit your comments it worked last time...  https://www.bce2018.org.uk

P.s. The GreenN8 website is in the process of moving to it's new siteI am slowly transferring all it's content from the old site to the new one, however this is a huge job and it may take some time to be fully accomplished. Meanwhile both site are visible;
old site is no longer updated with new information,
but is kept as an archive for the time being. 

new site | old site

From the 2013 Revised proposal document 

The boundary commission had listened to the voice of people in Stroud Green and agreed it should stay where it is:

"AC26 The Commission received many representations about individual wards, including opposition to: ...linking Stroud Green ward with Tottenham, rather than Hornsey and Wood Green; .."

"AC87 In Haringey, the Commission noted that the existing Hornsey and Wood Green constituency could be left unchanged (IPs, paragraph 38). In order to accommodate London 25 26 London Report by the Assistant Commissioners on London changes elsewhere, the Commission proposed that Stroud Green ward in the existing constituency should be part of a proposed Tottenham constituency and that Bowes ward in the existing Enfield, Southgate constituency should be included in Hornsey and Wood Green (see paragraph AC82)."

"AC88 The proposal that Stroud Green should be included in a Tottenham constituency received very little support, and was opposed by a large number of people and organisations, including all three Parliamentary parties, the present councillors for Stroud Green ward (IP/025512),11 and the Stroud Green Residents’ Association (IP/023119). Many respondents emphasised that this proposal would break local ties between Stroud Green and other Hornsey wards. We have therefore decided that Stroud Green ward should be part of a Hornsey and Wood Green constituency."

"AC90 In order to satisfy the electorate range, we have concluded that the Islington ward of Hillrise should be placed in the Hornsey and Wood Green constituency. While Hillrise ward would be a single Islington ward in an otherwise Haringey constituency, our recommendation enables us to strike a better balance between the statutory factors across North London. We recommend, therefore, a Hornsey and Wood Green constituency containing Alexandra, Bounds Green, Crouch End, Highgate, Hornsey, Muswell Hill, Noel Park, Stroud Green, and Woodside wards in Haringey, together with Hillrise ward. As the existing constituency would remain largely unchanged, we recommend that the existing name should be retained. The remaining Haringey wards (Harringay, St Ann’s, Seven Sisters, Tottenham Green, and West Green) should be contained in a constituency with Hackney wards (see paragraph AC92). "


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My comments to the Boundary commission are below. I am sure you can do better:

I am commenting on the renewed Boundary Commission proposal to move the Stroud Green local election ward from the Hornsey and Wood Green parliamentary constituency into Tottenham. I object to this proposed change.

This proposal has been made before and has been withdrawn before. All the same reasons apply:
1) Hornsey and Wood Green is a good size constituency - removing part of it will only compel unnecessary changes elsewhere in the constituency
2) The proposed changes to compensate for the removal of Stroud Green create a cross borough constituency - avoid this by withdrawing the proposal
3) There are very clear physical barriers to the proposed change. The main East Coast line separates Stroud Green from Tottenham in the East of the borough, providing a barrier to ease of movement. This means alliances and co-operations have built up over years respecting this difficulty. The proposed change would sunder some of these relationships.


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