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Today saw the publication of the revised Boundary Commission proposal for the reorganisation of parliamentary seats. Under their original proposal Stroud Green Ward would have been added to Tottenham. Following a very significant level of protest from voters in Stroud Green I am pleased to read that in the new proposals published today the Boundary Commission have seen sense and STROUD GREEN REMAINS IN HORNSEY AND WOOD GREEN - Hooray! Further good news is that Woodside ward, which contains White Hart Lane will be added to Tottenham instead so that David Lammy, a really good constituency MP keeps Tottenham as a constituency. Whilst it is likely that these proposals will never be adopted in the current Parliament it is still good news that local protests can make a difference - details here http://tinyurl.com/boundarycommssion and then search on Stroud Green...

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Paul thanks for posting.

A tinyURL link won't look like the one you've pasted (it should be short!) and it doesn't work.

Could you fix it please?

The link through tinyurl SHOULD work as you can set a custom address rather than the random address that normally gets generated, when writing I tend to use the custom address as it is much friendlier and can suggest what the tinyurl is pointed at - the document isn't visible through either type of tinyurl...

It is something to do with the web address of the report - I have tried it a couple of times now and it definitely doesn't work although it should.  I do a lot of writing with gov.uk sites who also generate incredible web addresses so use tinyurl all the time.  Here is a link to the beginning of the announcement from which you can navigate to get the report - how irritating - https://www.bce2018.org.uk/node/6485?postcode=N89JY (my postcode by the way)

Well, it's good to see the self-serving dreck produced by the Conservatives and Labour (both wings) as suggested boundaries consigned to the bin. But the Enfield people won't be happy, and the boundary around Wood Green is just awful.

Perhaps they lost interest when the idea was kicked into the long grass. Proposed PC coloured in below (current boundary in bold)...


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