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Boundary Changes for Stroud Green - is it part of Tottenham

I've just had an email from Dawn Barnes who is the Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesperson for Hornsey & Wood Green. Honestly I don't think much of it. 

1) Obviously it contains the obligatory, though lengthier than usual with many leading questions, attempt to harvest email addresses in the form of a survey.

2) It accuses the Labour Party of this and the Conservative Party of that, with out quoting the sources of what it is they are said to have said

3) It contains a link to the Boundary Commission consultation on the proposed changes, which is now open for us to comment on other's comments. Dawn gives us no clue as to which comments might be interesting or well formed or influential. She certainly does not pick out the LAbour and Conservative offerings. She could have been a lot more helpful.

Dear Adrian,The area in which you live has been part of the Hornsey and Wood constituency since 1983. Recently, The Boundary Commission proposed moving Stroud Green ward (area of Crouch End around Stationer's Park) into the Tottenham constituency. Labour and the Conservatives both propose splitting Crouch End's communities. Labour even suggested Crouch End goes into a constituency with Tottenham and Hackney!I am writing to you to urge you to do two things today to make your voice heard and stop these proposals which would divide your community.1. Please fill in our short survey by clicking on the button below
Complete our survey by clicking here
2. Tell the Boundary Commission directly what you think about the Labour and Conservative counter proposals by clicking on the button below.
Contact the boundary commission by clicking here
Labour’s proposals:
  • Split Crouch End and Stroud Green from Hornsey, Muswell Hill and Highgate
  • Put your area into a new constituency with parts of Tottenham and Hackney
The Conservative’s proposals:
  • Split Stroud Green, Hornsey and Harringay wards from Crouch End, Highgate and Muswell Hill
  • Put your area into a new constituency with parts of Barnet
There are strong community links between Crouch End, Hornsey, Stroud Green, Muswell Hill and Highgate, local people shop, worship, go to school and visit their local GPs in the same areas. Splitting up the community makes no sense. That is why the Lib Dems have proposed keeping your area in the Hornsey and Wood Green constituency with Hornsey, Stroud Green, Muswell Hill and Highgate.

The consultation will end on Monday 27th March 2017 – please don’t miss this chance to make your voice heard.

Kind regards,

Dawn Barnes
Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesperson for Hornsey & Wood Green
Copyright © 2017 Haringey Liberal Democrats, All rights reserved. We have sent you this email because, according to our records, you have previously contacted us on an issue and/or agreed to receive news by email from us. However, if you would rather not receive such emails in future, please let us know. Printed (dispatched) by MailChimp, 512 Means St, Suite 404, Atlanta, GA. Published and promoted by Jim Jenks on behalf of Haringey Liberal Democrats, all at Rear Office, 35 Topsfield Parade, Crouch End, Haringey, London, N8 8PT. 

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I've just tried to use the Boundary Commission look up to find the Islington Labour Party's comments. They are desperate to save JC's seat and their proposals are apparently outrageous. But it's a very difficult search engine to use.

The Huffington Post says the proposals are secret - so that won't have much influence with the Boundary Commission

Politicshome also seems to have some details

I think there is a difference between Labour and Conservative submissions to the boundary commission over Constituency restructuring to the comments made on the consultation.  This may not be so but you can't find these supposedly secret suggestions anywhere on the BC website. It seems that Catherine West is opposed to the Labour suggestion, which is a dramatic recasting of constituency boundaries in an attempt to save Islington North which is, of course, Jeremy Corbyn's seat.

There was a hearing in Harrow and another in Romford, both convenient for us, of course, at which comments were made.  At Harrow Sheila Peacock (recorded by BC as a member of the public but better known as Labour councillor for Northumberland Park ward said this - as part of a longer submission -

: My name is Cllr Sheila Peacock and I am from 62 Hampden Lane in Tottenham, N17 0AS.
First of all, I would like to thank the Boundary Commission for their initial proposals, which are to keep the constituency of Tottenham intact with the addition of Stroud Green ward. We support this brilliant proposal, and still do.

She goes on to say "We fear that any proposals, such as the counter-proposals forwarded by the Labour and Conservatives to split Tottenham in half would have a severe impact on my local pensioners" - so obviously she has seen them and opposes the proposals - I think Lammy must be daggers dawn over the proposal to sacrifice him to keep Jeremy Corbyn!

Clearly these controversial proposals exist - in the meantime, unless someone here has some inside info - keep reading the submissions and reasonable oppose any that support Stroud Green being merged into Tottenham...


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