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Bishop's - a blessing to those with arcane hardware needs

I've been working on a project to restore a writing slide to something like its former glory. I've polished the brass, rubbed down and waxed the rosewood, sort of bodged together something that looks like an antique hinge. All that I had left to do was to get the lock working. My first attempt provided me with a key that went round in the lock but did not operate it. I had thought I'd need to find an old key from a similar lock and file it down to fit my needs, but just on the off chance I asked in Bishop's "Do you have a blank key to fit this lock?".  Not only did Dan find me the perfect blank, he then used his skill as a locksmith and the vast array of tools at his disposal , to get the lock working perfectly.

The box will soon be for sale at Eight Church Square in Market Harborough

I've had good experiences in Bishop's before.

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The news is that I put this in the shop on Friday and sold it on Saturday. And that the new hardware shop is causing hardly any furore at all on Facebook .

And that Bishop's have since cut me another key for another box.


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