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Dear All

I'm just back from the Licensing Meeting!
Unfortunately it was not a great result - they still have their licence.  However there are a number of conditions attached.
  • There is a slight reduction in the hours they can serve alcohol.  On Friday and Saturday nights they are only allowed to sell alcohol until 1.45am.
  • They have to have CCTV in the premises as specified by the police.
  • After 10pm all alcohol to be served in plastic/toughened plastic glasses.  No alcohol to be served in bottles.
  • The fire door to be alarmed.
  • 3 industry approved security persons to be on the premises on a Friday evening and four (one of whom must be a woman) to be working on a Saturday night.
  • Everyone entering the premises to e searched with a metal wand.  Refusal means no admission.
  • Music to stop 30 minutes before closing time.
  • There is to be supervisions of the dispersal from the premises.  Signage is to be in English and Bulgarian that patrons are to leave the premises quietly.
  • No more than 5 people allowed to be smoking outside the building at one time.  Alcohol is not allowed to be taken outside.
The panel took into account that there had been no logged incidents since August 2012 and that they had taken on board many of the police recommendations.
While understandable, it did end up being a bit of a handicap not having a resident there to speak personally of their experiences.  
I'm pretty sure that this is not the result you were all hoping for.  However, the conditions set may mean that you do see a difference.      If things do not change it does not mean that we cannot call in the licence for review again.  It is important that if you do experience any noise disturbance or any other unpleasant experiences from this club, that you call the enforcement team, you call the police and you keep a record yourself.  Please do let me know as well if there are any issues.
I will send out a full copy of the findings once I have them (the above are from my own notes so are not word perfect).
I hope you all have a happy and peaceful Christmas and please do not hesitate to contact me if other issues arise.
All the best


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I don't know when these new conditions are supposed to start but I have just (23:58 on 22/12/12) walked past BG Max and there was a group or at least 20 standing outside the bar smoking ( I saw no drinks)

Regrettably my photo does not give an accurate picture of the shadows, but I had some one with me who will confirm the count.

Also a group of middle aged men arrived in a car registration hv05pkc and drove up on to the pavement, reversed a bit opened the doors drove backwards and forwards a bit and then disgorged passengers who then went into the bar. The car then drove along the pavement around the corner and did a U-y just past the bollards. 

Let's use this forum to document all of the things we see. Photos preferable also. But at last there's a time and date reference that the committee can see. Also, the more different people who show this means that the council will be forced to listen.

It just show how toothless these piecemeal measures are. Not even a slap on the wrist to those who don't care. Continual disgrace. Hope the committee are proud of their 'by the book' toughness because when someone is killed in that hellhole (which is highly likely given the clientele and the history) they'll have blood on their hands.
At 1.15 this morning, 3 very drunk Eastern European men exited BG Max and set about kicking and causing criminal damage to a neighbour's car parked on Ferme Park Road.

They have dented it and kicked off the wing mirror. This is the second such incident in the last 6 months.

The Neighbour has reported it so the police are now aware and have a record. It was also witnessed by others. However, a young couple now can't use their car and are stuck with excess insurance payments. Extra money, extra cost at a time when few people have it. Not only that, they pay the council for the privilege to park their car. All this because the council are too weak to do anything about an establishment that everyone has complained about for over 2 years as an unnecessary 'axis of violence' in an otherwise peaceful law abiding community.

Now - here's their chance. BG Max HAVE to provide CCTV as part of their new guidelines. Clearly, the police will be able to view the CCTV, identify the men leaving at the time, have them verified by witnesses and then prosecuted. BG Max and the licensing committee we are sure will be doing all they can to bring a prosecution in order to maintain public safety and manage local crime - another key part of their guidelines.

Clearly, any lack of help with this will be seized upon by the council as BG Max not upholding their new stipulations and this will once again call them under review.

Either way, this needs to result in ACTION to stop this happening.

At the moment it's cars. But next time, it could be people.

And I wouldn't want to be someone on that committee if that happened.

Yes good point especially as it seems that the Earl Haig Hall has now been bought by Antic London and will be opening as a pub in the Spring - can't wait!

Hi all,

can I propose the set up of a pan-Haringey committee focused on targeting licensed premises that cause noise, antisocial behaviour and crime?


I live in Muswell Hill and I noticed the apathy of residents in doing anything.


However, you might not know that residents can ask for a review of licensed premises, no need to rely on the council. We can also bring action under Section 82 of the environmental protection act.


What we need is evidence, evidence, evidence.


If you are interested, please let me know. I am happy to chair/host meetings and discussion on way forward.


I hope we manage to do something, let's stop relying on a council which is worse than useless.


No more petition and talk, only action.


I hope you will agree.




Absolutely. We already have a broad support in Crouch End and have the support of our local councillor.

I also heard today that BG Max are going to appeal the sanctions placed on them by the licensing committee. If this doesn't make it doubly urgent then not sure what does!

Adrian, JC, Miki, Crouchendfriend and others are you in?

Nikki - would be happy to meet in Muswell Hill at a nice pub a friend owns and talk further.

Can we count on some others to make this happen?
Hi Happy, let's try to meet up ASAP.

BG max will have a solicitor, we need to study the legislation and what we can do. Unfortunately the licensing team is very pro-venues, it seems. But if we debate points of law we should be fine.

Let's see how many other people are interested.

Yes - we also have some legal support

Come on guys -

Yes I'm in - please count me in! 

Ditto.  JC

I'd be very happy to be part of a group which attempts to ensure that licensed premises in Crouch End in general conform to acceptable standards, and BG Max in particular.

My tone would be to

  • support the licensing committee, their job after all is only to apply the terms of the law
  • work with the licensees of BG Max to ensure a well run facility
  • support our fellow Europeans from Bulgaria, so that they have a suitable venue to pursue social and cultural activities

There are a number of people in the area who are familiar with this sort of issue - many of us campaigned against a lap dancing club in what is now the Music Palace - soon to be revamped - and support may be forthcoming from this group


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