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Dear All

I'm just back from the Licensing Meeting!
Unfortunately it was not a great result - they still have their licence.  However there are a number of conditions attached.
  • There is a slight reduction in the hours they can serve alcohol.  On Friday and Saturday nights they are only allowed to sell alcohol until 1.45am.
  • They have to have CCTV in the premises as specified by the police.
  • After 10pm all alcohol to be served in plastic/toughened plastic glasses.  No alcohol to be served in bottles.
  • The fire door to be alarmed.
  • 3 industry approved security persons to be on the premises on a Friday evening and four (one of whom must be a woman) to be working on a Saturday night.
  • Everyone entering the premises to e searched with a metal wand.  Refusal means no admission.
  • Music to stop 30 minutes before closing time.
  • There is to be supervisions of the dispersal from the premises.  Signage is to be in English and Bulgarian that patrons are to leave the premises quietly.
  • No more than 5 people allowed to be smoking outside the building at one time.  Alcohol is not allowed to be taken outside.
The panel took into account that there had been no logged incidents since August 2012 and that they had taken on board many of the police recommendations.
While understandable, it did end up being a bit of a handicap not having a resident there to speak personally of their experiences.  
I'm pretty sure that this is not the result you were all hoping for.  However, the conditions set may mean that you do see a difference.      If things do not change it does not mean that we cannot call in the licence for review again.  It is important that if you do experience any noise disturbance or any other unpleasant experiences from this club, that you call the enforcement team, you call the police and you keep a record yourself.  Please do let me know as well if there are any issues.
I will send out a full copy of the findings once I have them (the above are from my own notes so are not word perfect).
I hope you all have a happy and peaceful Christmas and please do not hesitate to contact me if other issues arise.
All the best


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Same here Adrian. May i add that the whole point of Crouch End is that all are welcome, BUT we are a peaceful and respectful bunch who cannot stand manners and attitudes of another age.. I call it progress. ;-)

Very best


Hi Adrian,

I was actually proposing a committee (working group) to cover the entire Haringey Borough. 

People seem to be lost when confronted with the antisocial behaviour of some premised licenses and I want them to come to us.

WOuld that be something you would consider?


Eventually, yes. But for now I'd be happier cutting my teeth on a more manageable rusk. By tackling BG Max we might be preventing the spread of such places around here. Uncontrolled it becomes like Upper Street in Islington or parts of Brighton. I suspect that even by including Muswell Hill we would be undertaking a cure rather than a prevention. I have no idea what Tottenham's vibrant and dynamic night life is like.

Ok, I am based in Muswell Hill. While I am happy to help my fellow Crouchenders, I also think we have plenty of problem premises here.

I spoke to a Licensing solicitor about my situation (which I can't disclose yet) but would love to compare notes etc.

Another problem venue is the Pavillion in Park Road, which is Crouch End/Muswell Hill.

I don't know if any of the neighbours to Pavillion are on this forum

I have just received this email from the licensing committee with regards to BG MAX. BG MAX are complaining about the controls implemented as a result of the recent licence review.  The committee needs support from local residents to keep these controls in place. Please read below.  The email they require a response to is:


"Dear residents,

 As some of you may already be aware, the Premises License Holders have lodged an appeal against the decision of the Licensing Sub Committee.

They have cited that the Committee acted entirely unreasonably in decision it handed out by restricting the times of the license, conditioning the requirement for wand searching of all patrons, requiring a female door staff and stopping all licensable activity 30 mins before actually closing.


This email is really to update you of the position and to ask if any residents will be willing to participate in the appeal hearing.  Cllr Whyte attended the initial Committee hearing to put residents views across, but the hearing at the magistrates is done afresh and so the opportunity arises for residents to take part in this new hearing also.


I would appreciate it, if you could email me back with your views, letting me know if this is something you would consider doing.  At this  moment I am unable to give an idea as to a hearing date, but it would help the Council to know if we were aware of possible witnesses that we may wish to call upon.


Best regards

Daliah Barrett

Licensing Team Leader"

It would appear from a note on the door that the owners have 'closed down' BG Max. Clearly a small result - however, the license holders are still appealing the license decision which would mean that they could simply reopen under another name and reapply for the OLD license conditions by asking the council to sanction and putting up a piece of A4 in the window stating their intent. Given the record for giving licenses out like Smarties we need to still keep a close eye out.

Apparently, there's a court case this week with a view to a hearing mid April


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