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BEWARE! do NOT answer London Mint ads  I made the mistake of ordering 1 coin several months ago as I am always looking for tactile presents for my son who is blind and lives in Portland Oregon   I paid for it(obviously) then got a series of other coins sent to me  I didn't want them but kept 1 (I think) and paid for it then I was sent another 2 which I returned    I tried ringing and emailing and, in the end, was quite cross because why should I pay for communications and postage   then I got a dunning letter from creditlink account recovery solutions and am STILL getting letters from them   luckily I used the 'proof of postage' service to the Mint   they also telephoned me and asked for personal data which was upsetting so I am in contact with CAB and with the police   one would not think that a semi-official org like this would behave in such a disgraceful manner    

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Good Luck with the debt collectors, Sally. These offers can be very tempting and the name "London Mint" does make it sound quasi official, but actually it's purely commercial. Here is a story from the press of a collector who has managed to get back quite a lot of money from London Mint

thanks, Adrian, that's interesting   I think I'll contact him just to give him more ammunition!

Hello Sally

London Mint seem to be building quite a reputation of this sort of behaviour. Here is a link to Martin Lewis' website http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=2018327 .

The message seems to be to avoid them at all costs. Their marketing strategy seems to be based on getting people to give up and pay up!


I worked with Victim Support for 5 years, David, and have just had a telephone call from one of my former colleagues   she and her family have been very worried about their mother who has had a similar experience with London Mint's debt-collector pestering her after she bought and paid for 2 coins for her grandson!   I didn't know she had moved here and follows opinioN8!


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