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I just saw on the Martyn Gerrard website that this is now let. Any gossip on who the new tenant could be??

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As long as its not another coffee shop we should all be safe!!! ;)

That page on the Martyn Gerrard website provides a lot of information. Also let is the  failed kebab place next to Dixy Chicken, but up to let are Coffee Cake, the Italian Pizzeria which has just had a makeover, the 6 Nations has been empty for ever, the Everbest mini market (seemed full of activity and a new layout when I walked by last night), the sweety shop on Park Road, Minikin near the Queen's, what was 2 wheels good, and the shop on Broadway Parade which I think was the wooden blind shop but now has A1 use as offices or a betting shop or estate agent. Park Road, Crouch End N8

£60,000 RENT PAX 


Floor area: 1,210 sq ft (112.41 sq m)
This A3 restaurant situated on Park Road in Crouch End is offered on a new lease. The restaurant is predominantly open p...
Topsfield Parade, Tottenham Lane, Crouch End N8

£30,000 RENT PAX


Floor area: 920 sq ft (85.47 sq m)
Premium: £39950
This ground floor A3 restaurant located on one of the most sought after roads in Crouch End offers a total ground floor ...
Broadway Parade, Crouch End N8

£28,000 RENT PAX


Premium: £70000
This A1 shop situated on Broadway Parade in Crouch End is currently trading as an Italian Pizzeria. The restaurant is pr...
Tottenham Lane, Crouch End N8

£27,500 RENT PAX 


This ground floor lock shop previously trading as Six Nations Bar (USE CLASS A4) offers a Net Internal Area in the regio...
Park Road, Crouch End N8



Floor area: 1,009 sq ft (93.74 sq m)
This ground floor lock up shop benefits from an initial retail area of 59m2 (644ft2) Approx and benefits from office and...
Broadway Parade, Crouch End N8

£22,000 RENT PAX


Premium: £79950
This children’s clothing store and hair dressing business in the much sought after location of Crouch End is being offer...
Broadway Parade, Crouch End N8

£21,600 RENT PAX


Premium: £60000
This A1 shop is located on Broadway Parade, Crouch End. The unit comprises of ground floor retail space of approx 70.8 m...
Park Road, Crouch End N8

£20,000 RENT PAX


Premium: £15000
This attractive A1 shop benefits from a shop front of 12 ft approx with a shop depth of 29.13 ft approx providing net in...
Broadway Parade, Crouch End N8

£19,000 RENT PAX


This A1 unit benefiting from a frontage of 3.22 M (10 Ft 7) narrowing to 2.69 M (8 Ft 10), has an initial shop depth of ...
Crouch Hill, Crouch End N8

£18,500 RENT PAX


This property is arranged as an open plan retail shop with a raised rear section and total shop area of 42.71 m2 (460 ft...

This is SUCH a shame. So many independent shops failing.

I blame the council and the landlords who would rather have no rent than a reduced rent. Also the premiums for these properties is astronomical
i hear rumours of new places in CE

A steak place

Before you know it CE will be like the Angel, Islington, good for nothing except filling your face, working in the coffice and getting drunk. I think there is a lot of complacency about Crouch End, for instance I know that the Crouch End Festival, The Hornsey Town Hall Creative Trust and the Crouch End Project are all too pre-occupied with their own undertakings to bother applying for any money from the Mayor's fund. The most energetic group at present seems to be the proposed Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum which deserves our support.

I'm very excited about the formation of the Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum - especially with the involvement of your good self and the very wonderful David Winskill.


Personally, my biggest concern is the death of local businesses and, as you stated, CE becoming another identikit town.


I live near Park Road and, while I'm overjoyed by the success of Heirloom, Bar Esteban, the Urban Flower Co and Bottle Apostle, there's quite a few empty units popping up, which I really hope are populated by ambitious, intelligent businessmen/women.


However, if you were a landlord, would you take a risk on charging lower rent for a small business which might fail, or take more cash from a chain with millions of pounds behind them and a proven business plan already in place?


It's such a shame, but I'm not sure what (if anything) can be done to arrest the slide...



I have a small business that is nothing to do with food or drink but the premiums and the rents for commercial properties in CE are too prohibitive
A small business idea
If there was a landlord who actually resided and believed in the area then that would be a good start. It would take a mysterious benefactor to make a real difference

The same chap owned Pizza Bella and Bouga (two eyesores) for ages. Thankfully he's now sold them both, but he was quite happy to let them rot until the right amount of cash came through.



I think in the long term the only answer is reform of the commercial property laws to give small independent retail more security, and maybe 'designation' of essential shops preventing them changing use, as happens in Paris. Maybe the CE Neighbourhood Forum can make some difference to the planning situation in the short term - not sure what yet


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