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I'm sure all the older people reading this already take great care of their bus passes but I would like to give a warning of the horrors waiting if they are lost. Because I've had a series of hospital visits and other inconveniences lately plus meeting an old friend on the W5, my concentration wandered and I must have dropped my pass in the bus,    

After hearing so many awful stories when I helped  at Victim Support, I no longer give personal ID online  and wanted to pay the £10 replacement fee by cheque but, as usual, that was made difficult; when it was arranged, I was told it would be delivered in 3-10 days -why nearly 2 weeks for such an essential part of one's life?   thank goodness for the kindness of TfL drivers, mostly W5, many of whom know me as a regular-using the Tube presented more of a problem but I'm home safely now and hope you all are!!!    

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