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I had a Christmas Lunch in The Old Dairy yesterday, and I confess this thought, which I saw on Facebook,  crossed my mind

Tim Vernon

Can anyone recommend a child un-friendly pub in Crouch End?
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Sally Kiernan It had to be child friendly !!! After all it is crouch end !!!

Anne Martin No, there are none! Apart from the Wetherspoons... The Faltering Fullback in Stroud Green is child free. Voted best pub in North London

Kate Ereira I don't think children are allowed into the King's Head

Debbie Downes The Three Compasses on Hornsey High Street won't let in any kids at all, not quite Crouch End, but nearby!

Graham White The King's Head; you don't get many kids in there

Katie Snape Hahahaha. You made me laugh. But the answer is no. Little Noah and Ophelia will plague your every meal, coffee and beer.

Jeremy Traynor I'd settle for one that allowed them in subject to the strict proviso that they weren't allowed to charge up and down, or hool like banshees.

Duda Jadrijevic King's Head and Old Dairy don't seem many of them. It is usually the parents who lack parenting skills...at kids' cost.

Nils Leonard Haringey arms

Anne Martin The Old Dairy in Stroud Green do you mean? Full of kids! Buggy central most of the time. I don't know why people want to take babies and children to places full of drunk people

Debbie Downes The Old Dairy is very child friendly, no good if you want to avoid kids!

Sasha Harris I've never seen kids in the haringay arms.....

Lauren Carnegie-Gomez You don't tend to get drunk people during the day when kids are allowed in pubs. Perhaps parents should just sit in at home with their kids and not enjoy great pub food.

Nadine Mogford Haringey Arms. My favourite pub in Crouch End and never any children.

Rani Shergill yes forget old dairy or railway tavern. Never see kids in the Kings Head.

Rani Shergill Never seen kids in the Devonshire Arms either.

Nadine Mogford Definitely kids in the Devonshire in the day.

Rani Shergill Ok looks like not many places are free of kids in Crouch End

Amanda Carrara Railway Tavern, never seen a child there

Heather Maîr Strongman
Heather Maîr Strongman's photo.

Richard Burke My wife used to run a pub in crouch end many moons ago. I went to see it last year and it's no longer there:-)

Tara Richardson You can bring kids into the Kings head now. And the railway. It's just the Haringey that's kid free these days.

Maud Waret Kings Head. Kiss the sky

Amanda Carrara in my scanning CE for a good daytime place to meet and do a couple of hours work, most pubs in CE tend to be child free whether or not they actually admit or cater for children. CE cafes are a whole different story...

Eric Waring Those who put the Haringey Arms have cursed it.... there were children there last night - thanks a lot, Tim Vernon

Jenny Hall The Old Dairy in Stroud Green actively encourages parent and babies/toddliers - it holds music groups, craft clubs etc. At least it used to!

Katie Snape *makes mental note to never go there*

Jeremy Traynor I have to say, whether you approve of kids in pubs or not, there's something fundamentally wrong about a boozer hosting a craft club. Unless, of course, it's a club for making craft beer. That would be okay, in my view.

Sue Stevens There's always the Wishing Well on Tottenham Lane (if it's still there)!

Katie Snape My nadir was trying to prepare for a job interview (we'd moved house and I had no broadband) in Harris + Hoole. There was an NCT breastfeeding class with nine crying newborns and an Omen-inspired toddler who kept sneaking up and slamming my laptop shut on my fingers.

Debbie Downes The Wishing Well was turned into a horrendous nightclub/ shisha lounge years ago. Shame, they had nice Sunday lunches.

Natalie Aynsley The Maynard doesn't allow kids after 7pm. Otherwise kids are everywhere (I have my own, when I go out rarely I would rather they were absent).

Lisa Morrison Henry Reader or Hope and Anchor Tottenham lane tend to be kid free.

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