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Atypical Friday night - #barboot, #crouchendfest and a bouncer

I've just spent the evening mooching about Crouch End - there were three things going on:

  • the usual Friday night
  • barboot
  • festival

and in terms of popular support - number of people attending - that was the order tonight.

Usual Friday night obviously wins simply because there are so many pubs and restaurants doing decent business so the head count is well ahead of the other two.

But Barboot was a real surprise to me - being forgetful I've never actually been out to one before - always meant to but never have, before tonight. The Barboot is pretty damned good. Just having the shops open is cheery and encouraging but some of them are giving away wine which is a considerable inducement to pop in, and over and above that I saw money changing hands at some of the stalls, so there was real custom too. Everywhere involved (there's a list of regulars here and tonight there was 'vintage' clothing too at the Middle Lane dentists) was busy and Haberdashery had music. I think something like this might be what  Mary Portas meant when she wrote on her website

I want to put the heart back into the centre of our High Streets, re-imagined as destinations for socialising, culture, health, wellbeing, creativity and learning.

The Festival fell into third place because today was a daytime sort of festival day - there were a few evening events and maybe I was a bit early coming home to see the full benefit. Riley's was full for a time with Black Dog Hat playing, but I found the approach to the Music Palace (Down for the Count) off putting - the entrance is set up as though what's going on inside is not fit for genteel eyes - there is no line of sight to the interior, and a forbidding bouncer on a step towering over anyone standing on the pavement. I may be old fashioned but I don't want to go in anywhere that feels the need to frisk its customers.

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Thanks Adrian,

glad you are not a Barboot "virgin" anymore... ;-)


I had a great night on Friday at the festival, here's my report!


Helena xx

Thanks so much for this lovely review and merci to Massimo to have created this super event ! 


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