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Atomwise - coming soon to Crouch End, where Ruby Rose was

Still, it coukld have been a nail bar, or an estate agent.

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Which means an artisan bakers becomes a vape shop. Now that isn't the Crouch End scenario people keep knocking on about. We seem to be a town centre of two halves, and the Tottenham Lane bit is heading in the opposite direction.

The clustering of the bookies and the charity shops, together with nailbars (and payday loan shops and fast food takeaways), etc., are characterised as town centre detractors in retail studies. I don't know if Crouch End wants to change things...   how about street cafes, heritage shopfronts, appealing awnings and leafy boulevards instead. Too radical?

Sign of the times I suppose.

Shame the old shop names are being covered up. Pic of Arthouse deli refit.

And now they've installed a large, ugly metal security screen. Internal, but still horrible.

I've just checked an Atomwise site and a teeny bottle of CBD (Hemp) extract costs between £40 and £100. So the shutter is probably needed to keep out the moped thieves . . . who may very well be fuelled by CBD?

I'm guessing this isn't the stuff that might be made legal for medicinal purposes in the near future.


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