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Article 50 and the views of Crouch End's Member of Parliament

Catherine West MP Hornsey and Wood Green, Labour) has issued a statement on her position on the process needed for Britain to leave the European Union. You can read it in full here - Catherine West statement on Article 50

In it she says "Parliament must be sovereign, and therefore have the right to scrutinize and vote on the proposals brought forward by the Government." What the  Supreme Court said on Article 50 was "In a joint judgment of the majority, the Supreme Court holds that an Act of Parliament is required to authorise ministers to give Notice of the decision of the UK to withdraw from the European Union". Which are two quite different things. The Supreme Court merely requires a vote to pass a bill which reads something like "This Act authorises the relevant minister to invoke article 50", a line David Cameron really should have put into the referendum Act. Nothing about scrutinising proposals.

And while it is very hard to be sure, I think she might be at odds with the official leader of the opposition, and her own party leader. A day ago this Evening Standard article thought so.

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks".

On a slightly different note, the Americanised spellings in the quotes above come from the originals  and are not my doing.

Also, the CNN reporter in the moving picture at the top right of this page thinks the judgement was read out by Lord Nuremberg.

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An interesting statement - the vote is a Labour three-line whip, so if she votes against Article 50 she will need to resign as a shadow minister, as Tulip Siddiq has done.


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