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This coffee shop has had a complete make over, which, I venture to opine, has been a success.

The shopfront is attractive, the chairs outside sturdy and neatly arranged without being obstructive. The view from outside glimpsed of the interior is of cosiness with a coppery glow given off by the lamp shades, and uncrowded tables with simple, comfortable chairs.

Obviously the wi-fi works, just look at the surfers beavering away on their lap tops.

I was trying to ignore them, but I'm pretty sure the obnoxious, badly behaved children were asked to leave, and quite right too.

The coffee might be organic, but I don't care, I enjoyed it anyway, as I did the marzipan in the almond croissant.

I'd cheerfully choose to go back for my next tete-a-tete.

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I can only agree that the newly-revamped Armoni Café (né My Kind of Coffee) is a delight. The decor and furnishings are bright and cheerful in a discreet kind of way, the coffee in its various manifestations is tasty (served in a one-sized cup), the pastries and sandwiches are fresh, and the staff of charming lady owner, her son and a friendly barista are always welcoming. A great advantage to me is that the music in play comes from JazzFM, and if we must have music I'm glad it's quality stuff rather than mindless noisy pop.

An added improvement is that there are now chairs and a long shelf, surmounted by small flower pots, placed against the picture window so that one can observe the passing Crouch End scene while consuming ones goodies.

I like the place, and wish it well. By the way, we can also buy a variety of good coffee beans from around the world, and a selection of tea bag types from Germany to take away - not cheap but first class.


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